Case Study: Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science (formerly Miami Science Museum)

The Challenge

results-featuredPatricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science (formerly Miami Science Museum) aims to make a difference in people’s lives by inspiring them to appreciate the impact that science and technology can have on every facet of our world. For nearly 65 years, Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science’s award-winning educational programs, family-focused exhibits, historic planetarium, and rehabilitative Wildlife Center and Clinic have enriched locals and tourists alike. In 2016, the museum will relocate to a state-of-the-art facility designed by Grimshaw Architects currently under construction at Museum Park, in the heart of downtown Miami.

The Solution

From 2013-2014, Durée & Company’s solution was to re-establish this 65-year-old museum facility (prior to the 2016 opening of the new Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science) within local and regional/statewide media as a “must visit” award-winning museum. Also in 2014, the museum brought on a new sales and marketing staff, which Durée & Company helped to ramp up PR and marketing efforts during the transitional phase from the current museum to the upcoming new museum.

Strategies & Tactics

MiaSci Moving ThingsDurée & Company’s goal in publicizing Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science (existing and future) from 2011-present was to re-establish it within local and regional/statewide media as a “must visit” award-winning museum with family-focused exhibits, educational programming and unique events featuring a historical planetarium and a rehabilitative Wildlife Center and Clinic. More specifically, the goals were to increase attendance and publicity for all museum events, existing exhibits, programs and initiatives while promoting the new Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science.
To accomplish these goals, Durée & Company’s objectives were to:

  • Strengthen the awareness and reputation of the museum/convey new name while emphasizing that it was the same museum
  • Develop strong story angles and pitches of interest to local and regional/statewide media
  • Assist in conceiving promotions that have appeal throughout the region and sustain a solid visitor stream throughout the length of each signature event

To accomplish these goals, Durée & Company employed the following strategies:

  • Developed a comprehensive media relations program
  • Created highly specialized media lists
  • Edited and distributed calendar information for online and print calendar listings/event postings
  • Pitched and secured appearances and interviews with print, broadcast and online media
  • Fulfilled media requests for exhibition coverage
  • Developed talking points/messages for key spokespeople
  • Secured editorial placements within the media, using third party endorsements whenever possible
  • Identified and distributed press releases as needed
  • Assisted with social media efforts
  • Developed press kit for Miami Science Museum and information on Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science
  • Created, pitched and secured executive profiles of museum staff


During a one year period, Durée & Company secured exceptional editorial coverage, resulting in an ad equivalency of more than $2 million for the Museum through local and regional/statewide print, broadcast and online media. Through Durée & Company’s efforts, attendance at the Museum’s Laser Fest in January grew from 1,594 in 2011 to 2,074 in 2012 – an increase of approximately 30 percent.
Durée & Company heavily publicized the museum’s BOGO on Black Friday, Nov. 28, 2014, to compete with all of the retail activity taking place in the Miami area. As a result, the museum had 411 in attendance in General Admissions. This was an increase in attendance for the same day of 67 percent over FY14, 40 percent over FY13 and 91 percent over FY12.