About Durée & Company

What should you know about us?

The team at Durée & Company shares a passion for our clients, our work and our results. We also share an equal and abiding passion for having a great deal of fun while serving our clients, loving our work and reporting our results.

Not every team can juggle such passions, but we’re a special group. Although we come from different professional backgrounds in communications, as a team, we take the same approach to our responsibilities – we bring our “A” game to every project.

So whether we are opening a restaurant, launching a new brand, promoting a show or raising funds for a cause, we see the challenge the same way – to achieve the best outcomes for our clients via media (traditional and social), partner relationships and of course, the general public’s feedback. (It’s called public relations for a reason, right?)

Durée Ross personally selected each member based upon his or her qualifications, experience, skills and ability to work seamlessly as a unit. She also included passion as a prerequisite. Because without that desire to be great, it’s just a job we could have anywhere else.

What else should you know about us? Well, the rest should be found out in person. Contact the team at Durée & Company. We’d love to meet you.