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Affiliate marketing is more than just a buzz word. For many brands, it’s a vital component to any digital campaign.  As companies seek to promote their business and grow their revenue, the need for affiliate management becomes fundamental in a marketing plan. According to, the U.S. affiliate marketing spend is due to reach 8.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2022, up from 5.4 billion recorded in 2017.

In short, affiliate marketing allows brands to collaborate with influencers or media outlets to promote products while generating sales in a resourceful, scalable, and cost-effective way. Affiliate marketing connects the consumer to the product and creates a long-term relationship driven by data and quantifiable results and includes some of the largest media outlets and the most successful e-commerce retailers.

Our team of experts knows exactly what it takes to make your brand succeed by customizing PR strategies, creating buzz and maximizing results. We can apply that same framework to a solid affiliate marketing strategy. Whether your aim is to increase sales, generate leads, or promote your brand, we can develop a campaign that aligns seamlessly with your business plan. Let us show you how we use this powerful e-commerce tool by keeping your brand at the forefront — driving revenue and gaining customers one click at a time.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from a journalist’s perspective as to why a brand should be utilizing affiliate marketing to get their products the attention they deserve.

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