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In the health and wellness marketplace, Cannabis is quickly captivating attention. This booming sector is already worth north of $130 million in the United States alone according to the Hemp Business Journal. Major companies in the hemp industry are focused on sustained growth as changes are made in legislature, as well as in product development. Cannabidiol (CBD) products are appealing to a growing number of people, young and old, especially now that the 2018 Farm Bill has been signed into law, which legalizes hemp at the federal level.

At Aspen and South Florida PR Agency, Durée & Company, we understand the ins and outs and know how to navigate the ever-changing and growing cannabis industry and currently work in this space with several clients.

With a watchful eye on local and federal legislation, a strong pulse on key expos and leadership conferences and proven relationships with influencers and thought leaders, we are an established presence in this rapidly expanding community. We work with clients in the CBD market that are growing, manufacturing, producing and innovating with CBD. The companies are seeking expert PR help to define their space among consumers.

CBD is made from the non-intoxicating compounds (no psycho-active effects) of the hemp plant, and is being used in a variety of different products. It doesn’t produce intoxication (marijuana’s “high” is caused by the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol [THC]). Many use cannabinoid products to treat a variety of ailments, including arthritis, sleeplessness, anxiety and inflammation.

The feel-good effects of this market are bound to continue. As reported in a recent article in Fortune, “nearly 7 percent of Americans are already using CBD, placing the potential market opportunity for the much-hyped cannabis compound at $16 billion by 2025, according to a new analysis by Cowen & Co.” Cowen & Co. is a global market research and investment firm.

Since CBD is all new information to many, D&Co has put forth a number of strategies and creative ways to showcase CBD’s allure – such as dropping well-known names into the mix or bringing fresh faces to the media landscape.

If you’re emerging in your market – be it CBD or another trendsetting industry – Durée & Company is right there on the cutting edge with you.


Durée & Company has been our trusted PR partner since the start of our business. Their team developed a customized public relations strategy for us to successfully launch our facility, which is the largest operating hemp processing facility in the US. They understand our objectives and cultivate story ideas and media angles that align our business with the right audience. Durée & Company was instrumental during the launch of our facility from the personalized service, knowledge of the cannabis industry and commitment to helping our company build our brand. They understand the complex and everchanging cannabis industry and are always looking at innovative and proactive ways of getting our services the attention it deserves. Durée & Company’s team of professionals serve as an extension of our team through their collaboration and accountability in promoting our key messages in this competitive industry.


Durée & Company has become our trusted PR partner and has been a proactive advocate for not only our company, but for the industry. The team at Durée & Company always has our best interest in mind and works proactively to secure opportunities for Veritas Farms on a local and national level. We have put forth a number of business objectives that have been met through a myriad of media opportunities. A recent win on a national business network was truly impactful for our company and reflected in our bottom line. We thank Durée and her team for their concerted efforts and for always being available when we need them.


We have relied on Durée & Company to assist us in our marketing and public relations efforts as we launched our brand. Knowing this first year can be a critical time, Durée and her team have helped unearth opportunities in this competitive space and have landed us coverage in local and national publications. Her team works diligently to address our needs and offer solutions for increased brand exposure. This partnership has been beneficial to our company and we would recommend her services to anyone looking for a solid PR strategy that makes an impact. Thank you, Durée & Company!

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