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The Art of Public Relations.

When we have an opportunity to promote the beauty in life, we try to give it a bit of heart and soul as well. So much talent and passion are behind each artist, show, program and organization. Durée & Company tries to bring those elements to the forefront, to help audiences connect to the spirit of the arts, and of course, encourage them to join in!

In South Florida, the arts world is a wonderfully diverse community, so Durée & Company has the opportunity to work with artisans and visionaries from around the world.

From promoting community outreach programs for local children to welcoming international creators who are showcasing their signature works, we have promoted every level of artistic vision. Small galleries, large exhibitions, citywide collaborations, Art Basel, public works of art and quiet auctions — the art world extends from the intimate to the grandly sublime.

And South Florida is the ultimate melting pot —  next to New York, of course —  for inviting varying perspectives, outlooks and imaginations. Durée & Company is open to all forms of artistic expression and we are proudly artists in our own right when it comes to finding the perfect outlets for our art and museum clients.

We’ve collaborated with art lovers on public radio stations, other non-profits, civic organizations, local corporations and interested philanthropists to help make art and museum PR plans come true.

Simply put, at Durée & Company, promoting art and museums is like painting on a blank canvas — exciting, wondrous, illuminating and fun!

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