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Create a synergy of buzz-worthy activity.

A strategic, customized public relations plan

Going hand in hand with a strategic customized public relations plan is an equally strategic and customized marketing & advertising plan. When designed to work together, public relations, marketing and advertising create a synergy of buzz-worthy activity.

Durée & Company relies on strong relationships with multi-channel advertisers, nonprofit leaders, event planners and corporate partners to develop a marketing and advertising plan that addresses the special needs of each of its clients.

What sets Durée & Company apart is our one-to-one approach to doing business. We perform based on your specific, unique requirements to identify the most effective marketing solutions that drive results, custom tailored to your business’s marketing and advertising objectives.

There is no one-size-fits-all. Each size is custom cut like a hand-crafted suit.

For example, a sponsorship opportunity may work better for you than partnering with a worthy charity. Or possibly, a speaking engagement in front of a professional organization achieves your goals more effectively than a magazine advertising campaign. Or perhaps, it’s a little bit of everything, orchestrated to work in synchronicity. Our marketing and advertising efforts marry new and traditional media with thoughtful and strategic planning for each client to obtain the best possible outcome.

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