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What makes a website great?

The Power of Wow

The short answer is, one that helps you accomplish your goals and reach your target audience. We here at Durée & Company work hand-in-hand with you to help you define, refine and — ultimately — pinpoint the goals you have for your business.

What might those goals be? You may have several, but they should be measurable. They might include generating more leads, increasing conversion rates, increasing sales, and positively reinforcing your brand.

You also need to define your target audience: who they are and how best to capture them. When you have only four seconds to grab your visitors (the average time visitors spend on a website before deciding whether or not to click away) you’ll want to make sure you get it right.

Above all, your website should be easy to read and navigate. It should welcome your visitors and lead them logically through the various pages on the site, help them find the information they’re looking for, and clearly convey the image of your brand. It should also make them want to return again and again.

Of course, you can always build a website yourself. There are thousands of sites that provide ready-made templates, allowing you to get set up in a few hours. Once your website is live, you still have a few key questions to answer: How will you incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your site? What kind of social media do you want to include? Will you have a blog? How will you address the requirements of the different mobile devices? Should you build an app? And, what if visitors to your website think it looks as if your 6-year-old nephew built it? What does that do to your company’s credibility? To your brand? Durée & Company will help you answer these questions.

If you want to stand out today, and make your website something that properly showcases your products or service, generates more business for you, and makes visitors want to come back, you need a cohesive, integrated product that incorporates all facets of your business and effectively fulfills your goals. Durée & Company is the right team to help make your website shine. Our team includes professional designers, programmers, marketers and writers, all of whom will work closely with you to ensure your website wows your visitors and builds your business.

What makes a website great? Ask the folks at Durée & Company, because we can tell you. Or, better yet, ask any of our national and international clients who have entrusted us to create the face they present to the public!

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