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Five Steps to Healthy Corporate Public Relations

Grabbing the media’s attention when it comes to health care news means employing strength, flexibility and endurance — all the elements of a vibrant, active and fit PR plan.

Durée & Company’s strength is seeing the opportunities for our clients’ news to translate across different sections, from front page news to a feature piece on trends.

Our team’s flexibility allows us to capitalize on our clients’ synergies, such as when we paired Optiwow’s glasses with the Great Glasses Play Day at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science in Miami. The Miami Herald recognized the sheer cuteness of the partnership.

And finally, there is the endurance of the award-winning South Florida PR firm of Durée & Company. We start out strong and stay strong, working with special health event dates, collaborations, celebrations and ongoing creative opportunities.

Here are our Five Steps to PR Success with our health care clients:

1. Think Outside Health Care

Health care media and PR opportunities are not always relegated to the Health section. For our clients who offer health care-related products, such as Pediatric Ophthalmology Consultants, we successfully seek out angles in retail, fashion and sports. Wellness and fitness also offer purposeful lifestyle and travel PR angles. We think outside of health care to offer our clients a range of chances to shine.

2. Leverage the Visuals

If our health care clients have strong visuals, such as an actual facial-enhancing procedure that takes the years away, we leverage the visuals by reaching out to TV and digital media channels. When potential clients can see the expertise and skills of our clients in real time, it can lead to amazing PR showcases. This is evidenced by the many TV appearances of our client Dr. Jacob Steiger of Steiger Facial Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton.

3. Position Your Client as the Expert

For sensitive and often misunderstood conditions, media representatives welcome an expert voice of clarification and education. Oliver-Pyatt Centers is a respected health care resource that helps patients manage eating disorders. Durée & Company has effectively positioned the medical leaders of Oliver-Pyatt as experts, who can explain the foundations, treatments, and psychology of these disorders, helping families throughout the U.S.

4. Combine Industries

Not every great health care story has to do with wellness. Durée & Company works with Lubell Rosen —  a law firm servicing physicians, health care professionals and businesses in the health care industry, as well as other industries — to share developments in medical administration, technology, patient data security and communications. South Florida has one of the largest medical industries in the country, so there is always an audience for the business side of the practice.

5. Consider Lifestyle Stories

Our team is well-known for its ability to personalize every client. For instance, our client Dr. Steiger is an avid surfer. Durée & Company parlayed his hobby into an article in Florida Trend, a statewide business magazine. Beyond the examination room, what makes you interesting? If we see a media opportunity there, we will run with it.

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