The Power of Digital Storytelling

While optimized press releases, blogs, and e-newsletters are great forms of online content, we are constantly implementing new tactics that will keep your audience enthusiastic, engaged, and eager to share your business or product.

Introducing video and digital content.

In a survey by Wyzowl, “The State of Video Marketing 2018,” 97 percent of marketers said video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service and 76 percent said it has helped increase sales.

Today, brands can no longer afford to ignore their online presence and still grow without keeping up with all of the new trends and features the digital space has to offer. At Durée & Company, we are well versed at generating client messaging, evoking creativity and using technology to craft live and recorded videos, share digital video content as well as coordinate video production.

According to statistics compiled by Go-Globe, 82 percent of internet traffic is expected to be live video by 2020.

Our team of experts know that putting your message right in front of the right audiences is important, but keeping them interested and engaged is even more crucial. We know that people enjoy and interact often with video is because it allows them to consume more information, quickly and without much effort. Our team strategizes powerful stories without over selling your brand or message. Videos can build instant understanding and connection with a targeted audience with the right digital messaging.

Bottom line – we’re not only great storytellers, but we keep your audience fascinated and encourage them to ‘tune in” over and over again.

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