Art & Museum

Ensuring the culture & art of SoFla are framed in the best light.


Customized plans to help reach prospects, referral sources, clients, and the media.

Government & Non-Profits

While you make the world a better place, we will tell everyone and their mothers.

Health Care

Sick over your lackluster PR? We have the right promotion prescription.

Hispanic Markets

Different cultures + successful PR approaches = global results.


Keeping your expertise top of mind; so when it counts, they know whom to call.

Real Estate

“Location. Location. Location?” We prefer, “Location. PR. Record sale.”

Restaurants & Hospitality

People crave destination dining. Let’s serve them what they want.

Retail & Fashion

We make you look fabulous — in print, online, and on air.

Travel & Tourism

What good is a great getaway, if no one knows about it?

Cannabis & Hemp

Public Relations for cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD), hemp & emerging markets.

Marine & Yacht

Opportunities and expertise in the highly specific yacht/maritime industries.