Memberships & Qualifications

What Sets us Apart?

Beyond wisdom, a long tenure in industry collaboration demonstrates true passion for the work at hand. At Durée & Company, we have access to valuable resources through our networking, proven relationships, memberships and affiliations. Durée & Company holds all necessary Federal and State licenses and/or certifications and is a State of Florida Certified Woman-Owned Business.

PR Boutiques International (PRBI)

Durée Ross is a board member and Durée & Company is a member of PR Boutiques International (PRBI)an exclusive network of nearly 40 boutique agencies spanning four continents, in which the connections and best practices of one firm are shared with the others.  Through membership, strategic partnerships and alliances arise that offer clients unparalleled service, powerful thinking, and results-oriented initiatives.

Florida Hemp Council

Durée & Company is a member of the Florida Hemp Council and Durée Ross is an active Board Member. The Mission of the Florida Hemp Council (FLHC) is to create a thriving ecosystem aimed at catapulting the Florida hemp industry to the forefront as leaders in hemp and hemp product production. FLHC promotes the sound development for the emerging hemp industry.

Cannabis Marketing Association

Durée & Company is a member of the Cannabis Marketing Association which is an industry trade group that supports professional and creative growth by providing career resources, education-based events and networking opportunities.


Durée Ross is a leadership team member and Durée & Company is a corporate partner to CannabisLAB. Grow Healthy. Grow Wealthy. Grow Smarter. Based on these three pillars, Cannabis LAB was formed to educate, connect and empower the people and resources necessary to drive the cannabis industry forward.

Marijuana Moment

Durée & Company is a member of Marijuana Moment. Marijuana Moment helps activists, industry professionals, consumers, policymakers and the public understand developments and trends affecting cannabis.

PRSA Counselors Academy

Durée & Company is a member of the PRSA Counselors Academy which is an invitation-only organization for leading public relations executives to share ideas, partake in C-suite conversations, and influence those in the industry.

Forbes Agency Council

Durée & Company is a Forbes Agency Council Member which is an invitation-only organization for senior-level executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies.

South Florida Business Journal Leadership Trust

Durée & Company is a member of the South Florida Business Journal Leadership Trust which is an invitation-only network of influential business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs in the community.

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