What does your brand say about your company?

This is what we do.

If you don’t know, the team at Durée & Company is ready to help you answer that question. But first … do you know why that question is important? Branding is that gut reaction the media, clients, customers and even critics have when someone says “your company name.” For instance, if someone in your immediate circle said “French Bulldog, Inc.” would you smile or cringe, sigh or snort, wish fondly or wish away? That’s branding.

Building, re-establishing or refurbishing a brand is what Durée & Company does constantly. Branding is woven into every tactic or strategy we have to make your company, persona or service not only well-known, but also well-liked. It’s not enough for someone to say, “yes, I’ve heard of French Bulldog, Inc.” You also want them to associate it with something positive, beneficial and productive, so the conversation goes more like, “Yes, I’ve heard of French Bulldog, Inc. They make the best chew toy you’ve ever bought, and they are huge in the dog community. They really do good stuff over there.”

Durée & Company makes this possible by determining what makes you so special. If you don’t stand out on your own merits, our team can suggest campaigns and approaches that make your flag fly a little higher, so it stands out. Now, let’s tie what you do well to something that makes people feel good, and let’s do that over and over again — while mitigating negative news, presenting your spokespeople as the astute folks they are, partnering you with others doing magnificent things, and playing up your best side for the cameras.

While we make it sound fun and easy, it’s actually fun and constant. (We only make it look easy.) So, once more, what does your brand say about your company? We promise it’s not a trick question. Call Durée & Company, so we can give you a cheat sheet.

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