Crisis Management

The only truth to crisis management is that it is fluid and unpredictable.

No two crisis situations are ever the same.

That being said, even the best crisis management plan requires a public relations team that knows how to be flexible, responsive and intuitive. So, forget anything you may have heard that sounds like, “we’ll develop a public relations plan for every crisis — in advance.”

At Durée & Company, we will develop a working outline of what to do in a crisis, including who needs to be on your crisis management team. Then, should the need arise (let’s hope it never does), our team will customize that outline according to the needs of your particular situation, based on our professional experience and expertise.


Everything from public relations and community affairs to social media management and strategic planning is called into play. Whether we are dealing with a product recall, a poor review, pending litigation, brand-damaging charges or worse, Durée & Company will craft a plan of action designed for that specific crisis.

Don’t be the leadership that simply wishes bad news away.

Hint: It doesn’t work. Instead, be the leadership that assembles a team that is good in a crisis, is skilled at keeping a cool head and developing a clear vision, and can execute quickly. The team at Durée & Company has done this before – many times, in fact – and we can be the steady hand in any storm.

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