Community Affairs

Sometimes, the best way to communicate is to actually talk.

Experts at Community Affairs

Beyond employing traditional media, utilizing social media or purchasing advertising, Durée & Company has discovered that there is another important way to make friends and influence people. Sometimes, the best way to communicate is to actually talk.  (We know. Radical.) Durée & Company’s team are experts at community affairs – the art of bringing people together – on issues, challenges and projects.

Our team has demonstrated success at helping our clients identify opportunities to have real conversations. We have:


Orchestrated Pivotal Meetings

between our clients and other decision-makers.

Organized Community Forums

where issues are clarified and understood.

Managed Public Outreach Campaigns

that have resulted in significant gains for our clients and their partners.

Community affairs is the essence of public relations.

Durée & Company assists clients in relating to the public — whether they are invested business leaders, concerned residents or potential customers. Our job is to help others see our clients’ projects as the positive, beneficial and collaborative ventures they are and to build alliances that foster true goodwill.

In many cases, the relationships that Durée & Company initiates become the bedrock of future client initiatives. Every great project began with a partnership, and we are skilled at making those introductions throughout South Florida and beyond.

Durée & Company has been an effective change agent for nearly 20 years. When it comes to well-executed community affairs, let our team be a change agent for you.

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