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These days, social media sites inevitably seem to pop up and take control of the conversation. Then, of course, there are the messaging sites: Yelp, Amazon, blog posts, and the countless comment-enabled sites, all of which can impact your brand, as well as require monitoring and proactive management.

Where do you even start? How do you keep up? Where do you focus your time? That’s what Durée & Company is here to help you sort out.

Successful social media management can make your company a success. According to the Pew Research Center, 74 percent of all internet users also participate in social networking sites. These days, without targeted use of the various social media platforms, it is nearly impossible to break through the noise of literally millions of firms vying for consumers’ attention and — more importantly — their business.

As with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website design, a social media strategy must be fully integrated with all other aspects of public relations. For instance, just because social media appears to be the dominant paradigm in communications today, it is vital that traditional media be incorporated along with it for any successful PR campaign. Social media provides unprecedented access to both the traditional, as well as the newer, citizen journalists. For example, this allows for rapid response to breaking news that can be tied to your business. This is the kind of service at which Durée & Company excels.

Effective use of social media allows you much more direct — even intimate — contact with your target audience, which in turn affords you the opportunity to respond directly to their needs and desires, while saving money you would otherwise have spent on prospects who aren’t interested in what you have to offer. It also works geometrically: Once you’ve captured the attention of a certain segment of social media users, they spread the word to their contacts, who spread it further and so on until — if you’re lucky — your message about your business has gone viral.

We know how best to leverage your PR budget to provide the optimal return on your investment. Durée & Company’s extensive network of PR professionals allows us to manage your social media presence dynamically, responding to the continual fluctuations in the social media world.

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