Being a Sun-Sentinel Top Workplace for People on the Move


Every workplace teaches you something, whether you want to learn the lesson or not. Sometimes, you don’t figure out the lesson until you’ve long left that particular job, and you’re on to the next. Other times, the lesson is immediate and undeniable. 

Some of my former workplaces showed me what it could be like when things are really clicking & the energy is high, everyone brings something to the table and the work doesn’t feel like work. In those environments, good things happen.

So I’m amazingly proud that Durée & Company is one of only 10 individuals and two businesses in South Florida named as the 2013 Top Workplaces for People on the Move by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The award recognizes leaders in a wide range of industries for fostering growth and success among young professionals, as well as for their contributions to their organizations and community. All of the recognized workplaces were honored on August 22 at a special dinner at the W Fort Lauderdale. 

What does the honor mean to me? That I’m creating the kind of environment that will launch careers and inspire others. I was quoted in today’s Sun-Sentinel article about the awards as saying the recognition is the “icing on the cake” and it truly is.

Each and every day, my staff members (and I) are learning valuable lessons. I know those lessons will serve us well if not today, then in the future.

It’s so pretty here – working with Frances Herrera

Frances, President IBF copyIt goes without saying that at Durée & Company, we like pretty things. When we have a say in the matter, everything around us is nicely decorated and sparkly. (Check out our offices. There is sparkle in the bathroom.)

Frances Herrera is a woman after our own hearts. She is an interior designer from New York City, where the spaces are small, so the creativity must be large. Frances has brought her stylish sensibilities to South Florida, became one of our newest clients and is on a mission to make homes, commercial spaces, outdoor spaces and yachts even prettier.


Granted, she probably wouldn’t use words like pretty. In fact, our announcement of her expansion included this description:


“Herrera’s signatures are creating luxurious spaces that are multi-functional, incorporating the use of highly durable elements, and completing projects efficiently without sacrificing quality. Her portfolio extends beyond the residential and personal, also featuring designs of commercial and common-use spaces, such as executive offices, condominium lobbies, club/recreational rooms, theatres and outdoor spaces.”

But when you check out her blog, chock-full of gorgeous imagery and delicious designs that she created – you can’t help but think “Wow! That’s pretty …”

Keep it up, Frances. We love it.


Working with inspiration


We don’t know where other people find the juice to get going every day, but at Durée & Company, we normally find our “spots” of inspiration really close by. Just one of these many “spots” is our clients themselves, who have the ability to spark our energy.

We have worked with Diana Brooks of VSBrooks ADVERTISING for quite a while, and have developed a rapport that transcends client-consultant. We are now friends. But even after all this time, we were inspired reading her profile as one of South Florida Business Journal‘s most Influential Business Women of 2013.DSC_0096 Diana_portrait.jpg

She was quoted in the publication as saying, “It sounds corny, but believe in yourself. You have to be your own champion sometimes, until others see what you see. And whatever you are – be damn good at it and be consistently good at it.”

Leave it to Diana to have a curse word in her profile and the editors keep it in! That little bit of profanity says to us that you have to be yourself no matter what, because it’s “you” whom people are paying to see, paying to get. So every day, we try to bring “us” to the table – not what we think clients want, or what they might expect from other PR consultants – and like Diana said, we try to be damn good at being us.

Another source of inspiration comes from Eris Thomas of Coral Gables Executive Physicians. Her firm joined Durée & Company’s clients just this year, but her story in the most Influential Business Women feature had its own poignancy. Eris’ sheer will overcame language, political and cultural barriers, and her work ethic helped her become CEO of an innovative medical practice.

ErisThomas-¬PabloGarcia-5x75She said, “To each woman who wants to be influential, I’d say use the power of being female to your advantage. There are so many beautiful attributes of women, like being able to easily care, nurture and show empathy, which can help us become very successful. Don’t stifle these attributes trying to imitate male leaders.”

To us, that means it’s OK to be pondering our balance sheets, client campaigns, after-care programs for our children, speaking engagements, what’s for dinner and new pink pumps all at the same time. Whew! Good. They’re all important.

Congratulations, Diana and Eris. We’re inspired to work with you.