Public Relations for Commercial and Residential Real Estate

When it comes to public relations for commercial and residential real estate, Durée & Company knows how to tell the right stories to attract potential buyers and clients. We not only focus on the property; we also focus on the business and the people.

From Pompano Beach to South Beach, our South Florida real estate clients include some of the top developers and Realtors® in the industry. Our team represents or has represented prestigious clients such as The Jills®/Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Sabbia Beach, Hemisphere Sales Group and many more.

Durée & Company takes a unique PR approach to representing our real estate clients. Of course, we herald the features of the property that will interest potential buyers. But we also showcase developers’ and agencies’ passion, personal stories and personalities. It’s what sets them apart, and makes their clients want to buy their property or work with them.

As an example, for Sabbia Beach, Pompano Beach’s first “toes-in-the-sand” ultra-luxury oceanfront condominium development in a decade, Durée & Company garnered media attention by promoting the unique, upscale features of the property. We also highlighted the distinctive stories of the acclaimed developers, and how Sabbia Beach is an integral part of Pompano Beach’s renaissance as a luxurious, beachside haven.

We also know the trends that move the market and other factors that affect real estate. Our strategies include working with media that cover business, lifestyle, design and travel, and capitalizing on what makes your development company or agency effective in each of those realms.

Events are another important way for our clients to shine among other key players in the real estate industry. From soup to nuts, Durée & Company has created launch parties, cross-promotional events, charitable events and more. We’ve even put together a dazzling anniversary event for a real estate client celebrating its 100th year in business. In addition, we’ve organized open houses, sponsorships and more.

We also nominate your team members for industry awards, leverage your social media and digital media platforms, analyze your client communications and make recommendations for tying it all together into a comprehensive, cohesive plan.

For Durée & Company, commercial and residential real estate public relations is an area of exciting potential. We can’t wait to work with you.