Public Relations for Nonprofit Organizations – Charities

“No one knows what we do.”

Leaders of nonprofit organizations throughout Florida suffer from major cases of anonymity, in which they believe that supporters, donors and volunteers would join their causes – if only they knew about them.

Nonprofit organizations depend heavily upon the awareness and adoption of audiences whom not only benefit from their services, but also can lend their energies to helping their missions thrive.

At public relations firm Durée & Company, we consider it an honor and a privilege to assist nonprofits, because they are the heart and soul of our communities. Our team is proud to support agencies that feed the hungry, house the homeless, give hope and wellness to the ill and empower the poor. We promote PR events such as 5Ks, food festivals, holiday tree sales, fashion shows, special speaking engagements, dances, musical events and much, much more, all in the name of supporting South Florida’s nonprofit agencies.

In addition to promoting fundraising events and driving audiences, we also work hand in hand assisting nonprofit leaders with strategic communication development, the establishment of brand identity, award nominations, donor facilitation and partnership coordination.

The team at Durée & Company is well-versed in lending a true helping hand, working closely with staff to make our clients’ events, communications and reputation as strong as they can be.

We’ve taken their stories to national levels of media coverage, spreading their causes to international audiences and garnering them well-earned respect and prestige. In times of crisis, such as government shutdowns and hurricanes, our team is a 24/7 ally for timely and accurate news dissemination.

Durée & Company is more than a Florida public relations firm for charities and nonprofit clients. Our team is a team of advocates, ambassadors and cheerleaders. Using traditional media, social media, online communications, in-person presentations and creative collaborations with other nonprofits, we help our clients change lives.

When we hear, “No one knows what we do,” it’s not a lament. It’s a challenge to help others as they attempt to make this world a little bit better. PR firm Durée & Company will make sure others know what you do and how well you do it. Call us to get started with public relations for charities.