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#Winning with PESO — Not Just PR

By August 7, 2018June 7th, 2019One Comment
PESO model duree and company

PR used to stand for “public relations,” a strategy of sharing a client’s news with the media in a way that would inspire reporters, editors, photographers, videographers and producers to take action.

Ahh … the good ol’ days.

But just as analog has given way to digital, print has yielded to electronic, and “60 Minutes” is now 24/7 with CNN, PR isn’t just PR anymore.

Now we have PESO — paid, earned, shared and owned content — which constitutes the strategic mix of elements necessary to gain real traction in today’s marketing world. At South Florida PR agency Durée & Company, we have shifted with the times, and our team successfully employs PESO.

What is PESO, you may ask? As always, we are happy to inform and educate. Gini Dietrich, founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, introduced the PESO model in her book “Spin Sucks” in 2014. In it, she outlined the methods being used to hit the multiplying targets now in play.

  • Paid media. Once upon a time, paid media meant advertising. Now it also means creating social media advertising campaigns, sponsored content and email marketing. Social media platforms allow users to target their ads, videos and photos to specific demographics in detailed regions. Durée & Company assists clients with identifying audiences, customizing messages and driving engagement.
  • Earned media. Also known as traditional media relations, earned media is when our D&C team finds a great angle about your brand, works with editors and producers, and an article or segment is done by news media for their audiences — about you.
  • Shared media. Sharing media is fairly straightforward. In the digital realm, when another source of content serves to reinforce your mission, brand or message, you share it with your community. The magic word here is “viral.” Our team helps your team select which content to share and how.
  • Owned media. Not every piece of information belongs in an ad or in an article. Sometimes, it is information you’ve created and want to share exclusively on your platforms, such as a blog, first-person account, research/survey results or a message from your leadership. Durée & Company can create the content that will live in your space, so others may come visit and learn.

At Durée & Company, PESO affects our strategies and how we counsel our clients. No longer can one look at just one sliver of the communications world. It needs to be viewed altogether for the bigger picture.

With PR merging and clients not wanting to manage multiple agencies, it’s vital that our agency is adept in all areas of PESO, to be able to advise our clients on the best mix of methods for their marketing goals. We constantly hear from our clients that our work has strategy: It’s well-rounded, strategic and provides comprehensive approaches to all of our options.

Just our two cents, but we think PESO is here to stay.

Source: SpinSucks

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