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3 Reasons Why Your Company Blog Still Matters

By May 15, 2018June 6th, 2018No Comments

Without a doubt, content is king when it comes to digital communications. There are many opportunities to connect with your audience, and it’s important not to forget corporate blogs hosted on your website. At Durée & Company, we know and leverage the power of blogs and owned content as part of our brand and our clients’ digital footprint. Recently, our client Gulfstream Park created their own company blog. In honor of our client’s latest blog launch, we’re sharing three reasons why your company should blog in 2018.

  1. Owning Your Content

Blogging can be integrated into your brand’s existing content strategy, generate leads to your website and support your offline marketing efforts. By owning your content, you have complete control over what is said about your brand. You also have more control of how your brand’s message is distributed and received, with access to the direct results.

  1. Improve Your SEO

Blogs still play a crucial role in purchasing decisions. Web searches can lead current and future customers to your page. By using strategic keywords in your blog, customers searching for a particular service or product will be directed to your page. Regularly updating your website with blog content can improve your SEO by tying in key trends and search terms your audience might be searching.

  1. Build Authority and Trust

Blogging allows your company to speak on relevant topics within your company’s industry with authority. Your blog can speak to your company culture and process, plus it works without the noise found on social platforms. Speaking to industry trends or highlighting relevant news also increases your company’s credibility in the field. An updated website with relevant content gives visitors a full view of who your brand is and supports a lasting relationship with your customers.

Having your own company blog still matters in 2018. Company blogs allow you to create sharable content that points your company as the authoritative voice in your industry while improving SEO to bring in more customers.

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