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3 Ways to Master Quality Content

By May 30, 2018No Comments

When crafting content, you want to be sure you are not only getting your point across, but also creating something engaging for your audience. At Durée & Company, we strategize to make sure we are posting content that is newsworthy and also benefits our clients. Below are a few tips we keep in mind when writing and positioning content, whether it’s social media, blogs or e-blasts.

  1. Identify your audience.

Your audience determines the type of content you should be putting out there and the way you are trying to get your message across. Is your audience looking to learn something? Buy a product? Be entertained? Figure out what your audience wants from you and then use that to tailor your content towards them. For example, if your audience is coming to you to learn the top tips and tricks about a certain industry, you don’t want to produce content to try and sell them a product. They may realize that your content is not what they expected and either unfollow or unsubscribe. Make sure you are meeting their expectations.

  1. Make goals and define your success.

If a company is hosting an event, one person may define success by the amount of revenue they bring in from the event, whereas someone else may define the events success by the number of guests that attend the event. Same goes with measuring the success of an e-blast you send out or blog that you post. Is success for you the number of people that click through links on your e-blast and show interest or the number of people that contact you and take immediate action? Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) in the beginning so you can measure how effectively you are meeting your business goals.

  1. Create content that does double duty.

Make sure the content you create is not only being read by your audience, but also making them want to take action. Ultimately, you are using these content tools to benefit your business and engage with your audience, so make sure your call to action is clear. For example, if you are offering a service, after you explain what the service is, be sure to include your contact information and encourage them to book a meeting or appointment.

Depending on what type of business you have, your audience, goals and content will differentiate. Once you carefully analyze your audience, goals and the type of content you are putting out there, you will be able to master quality content.

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