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4 Reasons Why Nonprofits Need PR

By November 13, 2018October 5th, 2022No Comments

Every year on November 13th, the world is reminded to be kind to one another. Celebrated in countries all over, World Kindness Day highlights good deeds in the community, focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness that binds us all. Some philanthropic souls choose to spread that kindness year-round. Nonprofit organizations, like South Florida-based PR firm Durée & Company clients Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade, Jack & Jill Children’s Center, Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (MOCA) and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), are dedicated to furthering a particular social cause, advocating for a shared point of view and fundraising for a specific end goal, all with the overall consensus that kindness is powerful.

Now, you may be wondering how public relations ties into the kind work that nonprofit organizations do. Well, just like any other business, nonprofits need to get their message, services and name out to the world. The D&Co Dynamos have compiled a list of reasons nonprofits especially need PR in order to continue spreading kindness worldwide.

  1. Volunteers

Many nonprofits rely on volunteers to achieve their goals. This means, they seek to maintain and develop relationships with supporters in the community who can promote the organization’s message. Public relations encompasses a variety of strategies to grow and, most importantly, retain this volunteer base. PR tools such as social media, websites and newsletters assist in providing volunteers with information while also building personal relationships with them. When volunteers feel that they are appreciated all while contributing to a greater good, they are more likely to continue their involvement.

  1. Awareness

While businesses can get their name out there through paid advertisements, most nonprofits have an overarching cause that they are raising awareness for, rarely with a large budget. Street corners are sprinkled with billboards and televisions cut to commercials, all for a hefty price. The benefit of PR is that it raises awareness through earned, free media. D&Co works with Parkinson’s Foundation South Palm Beach County Chapter in spreading awareness throughout the community by featuring them in magazines, putting them in front of the news camera, and having them on radio shows, no ad budget required. As the public becomes more informed of what the organization does, its credibility rises resulting in overall growth for the nonprofit at a minimum price.

  1. Donations

Continuing the overarching theme of money, nonprofits can only continue their positive influence if they garner the monetary resources to do so. Because of this, donations in the nonprofit world are extremely important. A successful public relations campaign cultivates a positive public image for these nonprofits and promotes their successes. When people see that their donations are used for specific, positive purposes, they are more likely to donate.

  1. Legislation

The goals of a nonprofit can often be enhanced through legislation. For instance, MADD seeks to stop drunk driving and in doing so, they lobby for stricter impaired driving policies. Lawmakers worldwide can be influenced in making these policy changes when they see a clear, positive public opinion. Also, when politicians see news stories about a nonprofit’s activities, it can motivate them to act or vote in support of that organization’s mission. A large part of this lobbying is simply educating legislators of the issue, ongoing research initiatives and how the government can increase support.

Public relations is vital to the success of nonprofit organizations. From garnering volunteers, building awareness and establishing credibility to supporting fundraising and legislative efforts, a well-executed public relations strategy can make the difference between achieving one’s goals or falling desperately short of them.

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