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4 Ways to Create a Mission-Driven Marketing Strategy

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Having a mission in life can be critical to success, and a brand’s mission is just as critical. A mission is a statement about what a brand or company is or will be doing for its customers or audience. It succinctly outlines the products (or services) a brand makes, who makes them and why the product/service was created. A mission statement is like a road map so it makes sense that a brand’s road map would be incorporated into its marketing plan.

One of a brand’s marketing goals should be to create a content marketing strategy to serve as signposts for this road map. Content that hooks new consumers, while simultaneously engaging its current customers, keeps a brand’s engine revving. A calibrated company has an opportunity to spread its mission far and wide.

At Fort Lauderdale- and Aspen-based public relations and marketing agency Durée & Company, our 22+ years in the industry have given us insight into the many successful ways a brand’s mission can be communicated. Below, we are sharing four great ways to incorporate a brand’s mission into its marketing plan.

Keeping Consistent

While there is trial and error in the beginning stages of a brand’s marketing path, once a stride has been hit, the same techniques should be used consistently so a brand is easily identifiable. Everything representing a brand should look and feel the same. The creative design and campaign assets should inspire the spirit of a brand and the upfront work will serve as a guide when a brand is ready to launch future campaigns.

Utilizing Demographics

A demographic is a group of people likely to buy a product or use a service. To best utilize a known demographic, copy is written, while marketing pieces and strategies are used to propel a brand’s mission. Capturing the attention of the specific demographic, or the audience the company is making products or services for, is the goal a marketing firm knows well.

Drawing Content Topics

Once a brand’s mission is clearly communicated, drawing tropics from it to create content should come easily. After compiling these topics, a calendar of content is made to keep the consistent messaging delivered to the right demographic at the right time. This content should adhere to a brand’s look and feel while expressing the core beliefs a brand shares.

Spreading the Word

A brand’s mission should mirror a brand’s involvement. These efforts will echo a brand’s activity and public relations is a great way to amplify what a brand’s mission is and how it’s being fulfilled. Utilizing a PR and marketing company that produces press releases, creates media opportunities and develops social media campaigns will help a brand see this through and distribute the meaningful content the brand has worked so hard to develop.

At Durée & Company, we know that a brand’s mission allows its customers the chance to know exactly what kind of company is driving the content they are seeing, hearing and responding to. In that driver’s seat is an effective content marketing strategy, that is well informed by a brand’s mission.

Once these tracks are aligned with a brand’s revved-up engine, there is thunderous noise on the road ahead. Ready to learn more about how to incorporate a brand’s mission into its marketing strategy? Contact the seasoned professionals at Durée & Company.

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