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5 Key Takeaways from The Women in Cannabis Report

By March 8, 2022October 24th, 2022No Comments
women in cannabis

The cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries are filled with thousands of dynamic women, in every part of the vertical from seed to sale. These intelligent, passionate, and driven people work tirelessly through trials and tribulations to grow their careers and help the marketplaces evolve.

Released in conjunction with Women’s History Month, the Women in Cannabis Study Report highlights the unique yet shared experiences of women in cannabis, hemp, and CBD. At nearly 300 pages, the free report is the most comprehensive analysis of women working in these emerging industries to date. The result of over two years of data collecting and interviews, the Study surveyed over 1,600 women across the country asking about everything from their demographics to their consumption habits as well as barriers and visions of success.

Founded by Jennifer Whetzel* of Ladyjane Branding, the Women in Cannabis Study fills a void that previously existed within the space. More importantly, it gives women a chance to be seen and heard.

“​​The Women in Cannabis Study was sparked by a clear need for comprehensive data and more importantly, a commitment to authentic representation,” Whetzel writes in her author’s note. “When history books are written, women are often left out of the narrative. Knowing we are in an industry still evolving, it’s imperative that every person who is a part of this movement is seen and heard.”

In addition to the fascinating analysis and storytelling, the Report features profiles of some of the top women throughout the industry, including our very own Durée Ross.

“The cannabis industry has presented so many wonderful and challenging opportunities, I knew immediately that it was imperative to support this initiative,” Durée shared. “My wish is to see this industry continue to grow with talented women who share the same passion that ignited my own work in the space years ago. The Women in Cannabis Study shines a light on the progress made but also provides opportunities to fill in the gaps for women everywhere.”

Women in Cannabis Duree Ross

The Women in Cannabis Study Report divulges many interesting facts about women’s experiences in the industry, but there were some key takeaways we at Durée & Company found most interesting.

What Did The Women in Cannabis Study Report Reveal?

As previously mentioned, there were tons of alluring anecdotes within the Women in Cannabis Study Report, but there were some standouts definitely worth mentioning:

Nearly 1/3 of Women in Cannabis Work With Brands

One of the earlier sections of the Report highlights the different sectors of industry women are employed in. Every segment of the supply chain was noted, but there was a strong representation from women who work in branded, consumer packaged goods. This can be flower, edibles, tinctures, or even hemp apparel or accessories. This data point shows how differentiated the market is becoming and the ways in which women are guiding the narrative for products seen on dispensary shelves.

Most Women Work in Cannabis Because of Passion For the Plant

When asked why they decided to enter the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries, respondents overwhelmingly listed “passion for the plant” as their top reason. They may have been personally helped by cannabis or had a loved one see success. Many came from the legacy market, and have technically been working in the industry long before it existed in a legal sense. This showcases the deep roots most women have with cannabis, which in turn may increase their work life satisfaction.

Very Few Women in Cannabis Find the Industry To Be Equitable

There were a number of alarming statistics in the Report. One was the fact that only 11% of survey participants consider the cannabis industry to be equitable for women. There were many barriers to entry listed, including lack of funding, harassment, bullying, and stigma. This demonstrates a clear need for the industry to come together and unite for change, whether on an individual or systemic level.

Nearly All Women in Cannabis Struggle With Self-Esteem Issues

In addition to the obstacles outlined in the previous section, the Women in Cannabis Study Report also found that there is a nearly universal experience among women in the industry with regards to internal barriers. 95% of participants admitted dealing with at least one self-esteem issue, such as undervaluing oneself or lack of boundaries. While the data may be unfortunate, it also shows that despite differences, the women in cannabis are more alike than they may know.

Despite Challenges, Most Women in Cannabis Consider Themselves Successful

One of the most inspiring things that came out of the Women in Cannabis Report was the section on success. Even with all of the obstacles, 86% of women surveyed considered themselves to be successful. They offered many unique definitions of success, ranging from “everyone around me eats too” to making a difference in this world with regards to plant medicine. This displays the resilient and encouraging nature of the women in this supply chain, something that should be celebrated for years to come.

Final Thought

Femine energy is integral to the cannabis plant, and women are crucial to the success of the emerging industry. The Women in Cannabis Study Report establishes this fact and highlights the unique yet shared experiences women in cannabis, hemp, and CBD have. Using the power of storytelling, the Report informs and inspires its readers to create a supply chain that is inclusive and just. To access the free report, CLICK HERE.

This post is part of Durée & Company’s ongoing Guest Blog series, The #DynamoDigest, where we have tapped select journalists and influencers whose work we admire and respect. In this series, top tips and best practices are shared across a variety of topics impacting the public relations industry today. 

By Rachelle Gordon, partner in the Women in Cannabis Study and Freelance Cannabis Writer and contributor to Yahoo Finance, Benzinga,, High Times, Business News Daily, Green Entrepreneur, Cannabis Now, Cannabis Tech, DoubleBlind, MG Magazine and more.

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