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As Students Prepare to Return to School, South Florida Integrative Health Offers Individualized Assessments to Develop Management Plans for ADHD and Learning Disorders

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As Students Prepare to Return to School, South Florida Integrative Health

Offers Individualized Assessments to Develop Management Plans for ADHD and Learning Disorders

Miami, Fla. — As hundreds of thousands of South Florida students get ready to head back to school, many parent and caregivers are faced with the question of whether or not their children have a neurodevelopmental learning disorder; or how to treat these disorders. These could include attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), dyslexia, and more.

South Florida Integrative Health (SFIH), a groundbreaking healthcare practice located in Miami, offers unique treatments designed to rehabilitate patients with ADHD and learning disorders, which can help students start the school year off right.

SFIH focuses on individualized treatment of neurodevelopment, as well as mental, physical, neurological and nutritional health, by providing brain-based solutions. The practice was founded by, and is owned by Dr. David Traster, DC, MS, DACNB, FABBIR, PAK, PES, CES; and Dr. Kelsey Brenner, DC, DACNB, FABBIR, integrative health coach.

To help parents and caregivers determine whether students are affected by a neurodevelopmental learning disorder, SFIH performs comprehensive, individualized assessments using advanced technology to evaluate the functionality of different areas of the brain, and the how each area of the brain communicates with each other. SFIH then creates a customized management plan to increase the strength and efficiency of specific connections in the brain which may be underdeveloped and/or not working optimally.

Following are some interesting facts about neurodevelopmental disorders in children:

  • Approximately 6.4 million children in the U.S. between the ages of 4 and 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD.
  • 5 million people in the U.S. have ASD.
  • 5–17 percent of school-aged children in the U.S. are diagnosed as dyslexic.
  • Neurodevelopmental learning disorders are rising at an alarming rate not just in the U.S., but around the world.

Neurodevelopmental disorders typically onset early in the development stage, often before children enter grade school. These learning disorders are characterized by impairments of personal, social, academic, and/or occupational functioning. These neurodevelopmental disorders frequently co-occur with one another.

“Going back to school can be very stressful for students who have ADHD and learning disorders, but who may not even know it,” said Dr. Traster. “However, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Parents who are questioning whether or not their children have a neurodevelopmental learning disorder, or those who know that their children are affected by one of these disorders, can get help. At SFIH, we provide neurological-based rehabilitation strategies, aiming to manipulate the molecules, cells, and connections of networks of specific areas of the nervous system.”

“At SFIH, we take the time and personal interest to assess, evaluate, and rehabilitate each and every child,” said Dr. Brenner. “We truly care about our patients’ happiness and well-being, and give them the tools to work with their neurodevelopmental learning disorders.”

To schedule an appointment or a consultation call, 786-800-2888. For more information on the practice and to read testimonials from patients, visit

About South Florida Integrative Health:

South Florida Integrative Health offers individualized treatments for mental, neurological, physical and nutritional health. Using state-of-the-art equipment, founders Dr. David Traster and Dr. Kelsey Brenner uncover the source of the problem and personalize treatments specific to the patient’s needs. South Florida Integrative Health specializes in brain injury, neurodevelopmental disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, performance optimization, metabolic disorders and Lyme disease. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 786-800-2888 or visit South Florida Integrated Health is located at 1330 SW 22nd St., Suite 306, Miami, FL 33145.




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