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Boosting Pitches with Third-Party Research

By September 5, 2017May 23rd, 2018No Comments

Internet search engines filter through an infinite amount of information every second, and that number continues to grow each day. Information is always right at our fingertips, whether it’s by smartphone or laptop, and at times it’s hard to determine what information is credible. At Fort Lauderdale PR firm Durée & Company, we pitch out newsworthy information on behalf of our clients and understand how difficult it can be to stand out among the competition. Oftentimes pitches get swallowed up by the sea of information available online.

However, including information from recognizable sources may prevent your pitch from drowning. Third-party research helps boost pitches by increasing credibility and adding value to a pitch that, in many ways, is very similar to others of its kind. For example, reputable universities conduct studies that are essential in backing up claims and convincing recipients of the validity of your pitch. Media outlets are often skeptical of the information they receive and will not accept any claims without justification. Including information from sources with which they are familiar will decrease the likelihood of your pitch being tossed aside with no more than a glance.

Public relations is all about connections, and reaching out to sources who have the potential to share information will only expand your network and benefit your business. When deciding which sources to pull from or reach out to, make sure to do your own research before deciding – remember, not everyone with a website is an expert. Official outlets, such as universities and reputable companies, tend to be the best choices.

Third-party information is incredibly valuable, but don’t forget to incorporate your own expertise as well. Using sources is all about adding value, not just repeating information people can easily find elsewhere.

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