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Brand Love: Top 4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Consider Hispanic Culture When Branding

By September 19, 2023No Comments

At award-winning Fort Lauderdale- and Aspen-based full-service public relations and marketing agency Durée & Company, we recognize the powerful influence of the Hispanic American community in shaping brand perceptions. Navigating the landscape of “Brand Love” means understanding the unique cultural nuances and values that resonate with this vibrant and diverse demographic. In the evolving industry of Public Relations, it’s not enough just to have a broad message; it’s about crafting communications that strike a chord, and create genuine connections with our target audience, potential clients, and colleagues. Embracing the diverse tapestry of the Hispanic American community ensures our PR strategies are both relevant and impactful. In today’s Dynamo Diary, we’re breaking down why it’s so essential for brands to prioritize this approach and foster lasting brand loyalty.

Before diving into why it’s important to consider Hispanic culture when branding, it’s vital to identify the goal in doing so, brand love. Also known as “brand affection” or “brand loyalty,” Brand Love is the deep and emotional attachment consumers develop towards brands of their liking, or in this case, “loving.” This attachment goes beyond satisfaction, but instead leads to loyalty to said brand, exhibiting repeat purchases, positive word-of-mouth endorsements, repping that brand’s merchandise and swag, or the overall willingness to advocate for the brand.

It’s also imperative to understand why Public Relations relies so heavily on advertisement and branding; they complement each other by working hand in hand to assist clients in putting their best foot forward when making “public appearances.” While advertising focuses primarily on promoting products and services, public relations is centered on maintaining the overall reputation of the brand through networking and media coverage with both overall working towards creating a favorable public image. One cannot be successful without the other!

The following are our top 4 reasons why it is important to consider Hispanic brand loyalty and brand love in both public relations and branding:

  1. Cultural Relevance

Brands must recognize the vast and diverse backgrounds of all Hispanics, using the correct vocabulary and terms, references and at times, even colors. These details tend to vary based on where the brand or clients are currently located, where their Hispanic origins lie, and what brands, products, or services are being advertised. To form “brand love” between consumers and brands, a brand must know exactly who the target audience is. For example, if a firm’s client is in Miami, Florida, and that client’s target audience consists of Cuban Americans located in South Florida, terms such as “Latin” and “Latinx” would not be appropriate or favored.

  1. Trust and Authenticity

It’s vital to understand that especially when catering advertising, marketing, or PR to Hispanic Audiences, authenticity and transparency are of the utmost importance. Hispanics value honesty, and “realness” more than anything; they like to use brands they trust and feel like they “know,” therefore referring to “brand love.” Brand love is built on the foundation of trust, transparency, and authenticity, so it’s crucial to recognize how brands that form these relationships with their consumers consistently deliver value, high quality, and valuable experiences.

  1. Positive Family and Emotional Connection 

Emotion is one of the pillars of Hispanic culture: food is cooked with love, hugs and kisses are given with affection; music is played with passion. Family is also at the heart of Hispanic culture, each meal is eaten with family, and extended members, even close friends, are included in the “inner circle,” and treated the same as immediate family members. Many times, Hispanic consumers display brand loyalty and affection toward brands they associate with fond and familiar memories, such as the beans Abuela used to cook when they were younger, or the detergent Mami used at home whose scent brings back only the best memories. There is also a direct correlation between the number of living generations using a specific brand and the strength of the relationship between those consumers and that brand: more living generations = stronger relationship.

  1. Forgiveness

In the world of branding, it’s not always smooth sailing. Mistakes, misunderstandings, or PR crises can happen. When engaging with the Hispanic American audience, having a strong foundation of brand love can be a saving grace in times of crisis. Brands that have earned the loyalty and affection of their consumers are more likely to be forgiven for their missteps and defended during times of need. The bond of brand love, loyalty, or affection can serve as a buffer during challenging times, allowing said brand to address and rectify issues while retaining the loyalty of its audience. This is particularly relevant as the Hispanic community values genuine efforts to make amends and uphold transparency.

Cultivating love within the multicultural Hispanic landscape isn’t just a sideline strategy; it’s central to the thriving and growth of contemporary brands. The influence of this diverse demographic is ever-growing, and businesses must craft messages that deeply resonate and connect with its varied facets. PR stands at the forefront, sculpting narratives and campaigns that truly embrace and celebrate these rich cultural nuances. From shaping a brand’s voice to developing content that strikes a chord with Hispanic audiences, at Durée & Company, we bring the expertise and insight needed to navigate this vibrant terrain successfully. Connect with us today, and let’s journey into the heart of multicultural Hispanic brand love together.

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