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Why a Brand Refresh is Essential and How to Implement a New Look

By February 20, 2024No Comments

Branding goes beyond logos or symbols. It involves establishing a connection, with a brand’s audience. At Durée & Company with decades of experience in PR, marketing and branding, we have gained insight into the art of building and refreshing brands. A brand refresh is essential to stay relevant. It’s not about altering a logo; it’s about making sure that a brand continues to resonate with its audience and reflects the direction of the business.

When considering a brand refresh, two key factors come into play; the overall vision of the company and the image the brand wishes to portray within the industry. Essentially, a brand should reflect the company’s objectives and its core values. As the business objectives evolve, it becomes necessary for a brand to evolve as well. This initiates the process of refreshing the brand – ensuring that it aligns with the trajectory of the company and how the brand wants to be seen.

When going through a brand update it’s important to maintain a seamless brand identity, across all platforms. This is where the development of brand guidelines comes into play. By establishing detailed guidelines, brands can ensure that every aspect, such as logos, color schemes, messaging and tone are presented consistently. Whether it’s a social media post, press release or marketing materials these guidelines serve as a blueprint for maintaining consistency. This not only helps in enhancing brand recognition but also builds trust with the audience who expect a certain standard and style associated with the brand. Brand guidelines act as the foundation for creating a brand identity that remains recognizable and reliable to its audience despite any changes within the brand itself.

Updating Visual Identity

A brand’s identity includes elements such as logos, colors and design. These aspects need to remain current so that consumers can easily recognize and connect with that brand. If a logo appears outdated it may be time for a new one. Remember, consistency is key across all of the brand’s materials.

Refreshing Brand Voice

A brand voice determines how a business communicates with its audience. It sets the tone for interactions with the brand. This voice should align with what the brand represents and how it wishes to be perceived. If there have been changes in the business, consider updating the voice to reflect those transformations.

Reinvent the Organizational Culture

A brand’s culture revolves around the values and beliefs that drive the business forward. The brand’s essence is crucial. If a company’s direction has shifted it may be necessary to refresh the brand culture to align with its path.

Revamping Identity

Imagine a brand as a person. What kind of personality does it possess? This personality should remain consistent. Reflect on the state of the brand. If the brand were an individual, how would it communicate? What matters to them? Ensure these traits are up to date.

Our Latest Refresh

We recently gave our brand a refresh at Durée & Company. We introduced fonts and added pops of new colors to our existing pink and brown palettes. These changes were not only for aesthetics but were decisions aimed at gaining attention and effectively showcasing the essence of D&Co – our innovative and energetic spirit. This update demonstrates our commitment to staying up to date and connected with both our clients and audience highlighting the evolution of our brand while staying true to its core identity.

A Quick Checklist for Refreshing a Brand:

  1. Understand the brand’s audience and keep the target audience in mind.
  2. Revise the mission statement and ensure it accurately reflects the brand’s objectives.
  3. Reaffirm brand values and make sure they align with its current goals and aspirations.
  4. Update the visuals and consider refreshing the brand’s overall color scheme to bring a sense of freshness or revitalization.
  5. Retell the brand story and ensure it captures who the brand is today.
  6. Adjust the brand’s marketing strategy and adapt it to align with the refreshed brand.

With the help of the seasoned branding professionals at Durée & Company, we can assist with refreshing a brand and making sure that it gets noticed every time. We can also develop a style guide that will ensure consistency and quality. Contact us today to find out how!

About Durée & Company, Inc.

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