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Cannabis Puns To Grow Your Marketing Game

By January 25, 2022April 9th, 2023No Comments
Cannabis puns

What is a pun, you ask? A pun is a play on words in which a humorous effect is produced by using a word that suggests two or more meanings or involving words with similar sounds. Punning is considered to be among the highest displays of wit. When used correctly, puns can be a powerful marketing strategy to increase audience engagement.

At Fort Lauderdale and Aspen-based public relations and marketing agency Durée & Company, we put forth a number of strategies and creative ways to showcase our clients – especially when it comes to emerging industries such as the cannabis and hemp industries. Whether its adding a witty pun to media pitches to captivate a journalist’s attention or at the beginning of social media posts to keep readers engaged, puns can be catchy and creative, and can help a brand to stand out from the crowd.

Today, we’re sharing a list of budding puns in the cannabis industry – the good, the bad and the funny.

  • Budding industry
  • To be blunt
  • Best buds
  • Cannabliss
  • Flower to the people
  • In the weeds
  • Now I know my CBDs
  • That’s Grow Biz
  • Breaking the grass ceiling
  • I always knew weed be best friends.
  • High on success
  • THC you later!
  • You’re unbe-weed-able
  • Yes we cannabis
  • Weed my lips
  • Growing like a weed
  • We’ve got high expectations
  • Weed go well together
  • You’re ganja have a good time
  • When they go low, we get high
  • It’s a joint effort
  • At an all-time high
  • I think you’re dope
  • Peace by the gram
  • Just keep rollin’
  • All I weed is you!
  • Let’s be blunt, you’re amazing!
  • It’s 420 somewhere
  • You toke my breath away
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, weed is dope, and so are you!
  • Keep off the grass
  • Weed out the bad
  • You’re ganja have a good time
  • Growing like a weed
  • Happy Holidaze
  • Now I know my CBDs
  • Weeding out the weak
  • Just keep rolling
  • High and dry
  • Buzz kill
  • Give and toke
  • High maintenance
  • Terp N Tine
  • I live the high life.
  • This should be a joint decision.
  • You’re my best bud!
  • I juana grow old with you.
  • All I weed is you!
  • Growing & Glowing
  • Don’t worry, be hempy
  • Pot-tential for growth
  • Cannabusiness is booming
  • Blazing a trail in the industry
  • Puff, puff, pass the torch
  • Pot of gold
  • Joint venture
  • Going up in smoke
  • Grass is always greener
  • Keep calm and inhale on
  • Getting lit
  • We’re buds for life
  • High hopes
  • High society
  • Sparking innovation
  • Inhale the good, exhale the bad
  • Taking it one toke at a time
  • Light up your life
  • Smoke signals
  • Weed be happy together
  • Toke it easy

Are you ready to make your cannabis or hemp brand stand out in this rapidly evolving community? Contact us today, or visit our cannabis- and hemp-specific website for more information.

Want to know more? Watch this video for a look at some of the clients and the media coverage we have secured.


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