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Media Pitching 101: The Art of a Perfect Pitch

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Media Pitching 101: The Art of a Perfect Pitch

The goal of crafting the perfect media pitch is to generate coverage. A media pitch, according to Muck Rack, is a short communication suggesting a news story to a journalist or editor at a publication, radio station, or broadcast network. At Aspen- and Fort Lauderdale-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we understand that expertly crafted written communication is critical to the success of a public relations campaign.

Contacting the right journalist with the right topic is crucial. The backbone of media relations is reaching out to journalists to gauge editorial interest in creating a story. It’s also a pivotal element of public relations, marketing, and campaign management.

Pitch Trends

A seasoned publicist working with a data-informed pitching strategy must keep a pulse on the current pitching trends for grabbing media attention. Research current trends and news in the industry you’re pitching so you can pick the best reporter to reach out to. Make sure you understand who they are as a writer, and who their readers are. Following current news and trends can help your pitch stand out from the sea of mass-sent emails. Leveraging trends, newsjacking and spotlighting new statistics or figures are great hooks when crafting a pitch.

At Durée & Company, our decades in the industry give us valuable insight and working knowledge of how a PR agency builds a solid pitching strategy. This includes media relations outreach skills and industry best practices. After reviewing the report highlighting Q4 trends, we gathered some of the key takeaways for crafting the perfect pitch.

Sending Pitches

For starters, the humble yet powerful subject line is the first step. Many tests are performed to optimize this lead-in for the best open rates. Using a concise subject line, with a maximum length of five words, is ideal for grabbing attention.

Overall, the best pitch has no more than three embedded links, typically receives responses on Wednesdays and has a length of 50-149 words. Pitches with tight, impactful messaging garner respectable response rates overall.

According to a recent report from Propel Media Barometer, are the length of subject lines, word counts for pitch length and which day of the week a pitch is sent for the most advantageous response rate. The report, which analyzed 400,000 real life pitches, is published to help the best PR firms navigate media relations with actionable data points.

Pitch Responses

Journalists interested in a pitched story respond quickly, sending the majority (nearly 60%) of their responses after four hours or less of receiving them. By day two, over 80% of their responses are sent. Typically, if a journalist has not responded to a pitch by the third day, there is less than a 12% chance one will be received.

Publicists at top PR firms send the most pitches on Tuesdays and Thursdays and journalists open the most pitches on those same days. Both sent and opened emails average around 24%, which leads to journalists responding to the most pitches on Wednesday (24% of pitch responses). It’s safe to say that the middle of the week is the most popular for public relations pitch engagement.

Tailored Pitches

A media pitch should be concise and include a personalized message that highlights the value of a story and why it’s worth publishing. Don’t be afraid to change up your pitch template based on your personality and professional expertise. Also, referencing a recent article from a journalist or tapping into their personal preferences can go a long way.

Tailored pitches to the right journalist put your messages in front of your target audience. It is also important not only to think about the journalist and their style but also the end-reader.

Perfect Pitch

As journalist engagement shifts, publicists continue to follow the curve from pitch to placement. Staying ahead of that curve and utilizing the most successful pitching tactics is what defines a successful communications agency.

With the help of the seasoned professionals at public relations agency Durée & Company, we can assist with crafting the perfect media pitch. Contact us today to find out how!


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