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Creating Clickable Content, One Step at a Time

By July 19, 2016May 23rd, 2018No Comments

social media graphicAt Fort Lauderdale-based public relations firm Durée & Company, we are always trying to find compelling ways to create engaging social media content and extend the scope of our readership. With the growing popularity of digital marketing and competing social media channels, content creation is crucial (and a never-ending task)!

So how exactly does content become click-worthy? We thought we would share this great list (because we love lists) of 10 important steps to follow. Sharpen your pencils, because these tips really work!


  1. Focus on the reader: There’s always tough competition for attention on social media channels. By keeping your readers in mind and focusing on their needs, you will stand out even more.
  2. Build curiosity: Trigger curiosity by building a reader’s gap between what they know and what they want to know. Filling in this gap increases readership and peaks interest.
  3. Treat each post as a story: Stories are a great way to unite and engage readers. When relating social media copy to a story, write each post as a story with characters who execute an action. This will create emotion and attract readers.
  4. Focus on value: It’s important to ask yourself why you are posting this to social media. If it appeals to your readers and is valuable information, then users are more likely to click, like, retweet, and engage.
  5. Use a consistent voice: A big part of your social media image is your personality. Using a consistent voice helps readers connect with your brand or organization in a more relatable way.
  6. Write in second person: Doing this makes your social media copy more intimate. Using second person pronouns delivers engaging narratives and provides an avenue to connect more with your audience.
  7. Use a formula: It’s difficult to write captivating social media copy every day across a plethora of social media platforms. Creating a formula that works for your organization and your readers can boost efficiency and readiness.
  8. Keep it simple: Use of simple words and concise copy keeps the readers’ attention on your post. Using words that are too big or complicated for social media may divert some readers.
  9. Add an emoji (or two): More than 6 billion emojis are sent every day. The use of emojis in a social media post boosts the performance and makes the post more approachable.
  10. Ask a question: To foster strong and genuine connections with your audience, it’s important to get the conversation going. Social media posts make lasting impressions if coupled with the right copy. They also provide a great way to increase interaction with your content and readers.

Each of these steps are essential to creating clickable social media content. After all, your work in creating content is only worthwhile if people are reading and engaging with it.

Time to get writing!

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