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Creating a PR Strategy

By October 29, 2013May 31st, 2018No Comments

Creating a PR strategy is an important part of marketing your business or product to the public.  The first step in creating an effective PR strategy is to use and revamp materials that have been effective in the past.  If your company has received media attention in the last year, make note of those articles that were positive, and model your new PR campaign to include these, along with updated information and happenings.

Consider your company’s goals for the next year, and use these as a central theme for every PR decision made.  Prioritize action based on the goals that your company wishes to reach in three, six, and twelve months.  Always make sure that information released to the public is not only in alignment with the mission and vision of the company, but also gives the public an idea of the direction in which the company is heading.

Identifying media opportunities will help get your business or product in the eyes of the appropriate audience.  Focus on getting into large media events that will spread your message quickly.  If you have a smaller business, use targeted media analysis to reach the audience that is most likely to use your product or service.

Pitching to journalists and media outlets is the best way to get your company’s voice heard, and developing long-term relationships with these outlets will ensure that the public hears about your company more than just once.  It is best to review editorial calendars to determine when materials need to be submitted, as the cutoff dates for editorial postings can be a couple of months out from the publishing time.

If possible, conduct a case study using your product or promoting your business.  Case studies are highly valued because they are a result of direct experience that clients have with your business.  If you have an active customer base, conducting a case study can pay off greatly because findings are respected as an accurate recording of information.

Try to secure speaking engagements and opportunities for presentation as often as possible.  If there are conferences or events that relate to your business, see if you can secure a position as a presenter or at least an attendee.  This will give an opportunity to showcase your business to a group of like-minded individuals.  It is always helpful to gain support within your network.

Using social media is an affordable way to reach a very large audience.  Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can reach a lot of people with very little effort.  However, when running a social media campaign, it is important to be extremely thoughtful with the information that is presented.  The Internet can be a source of information overload, and it is unwise to send a barrage of messages from a single company.  Be tactful in your social media approach, and be sure that all messages sent out align with the goals of the company and the direction in which the company is moving.

Using these PR tips, an effective strategy can be formed, and your company can get its messages to the right audience.

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