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D&Co Welcomes New Executive Vice President, Richard Murry!

By February 1, 2016May 23rd, 2018No Comments
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The strength in a team comes from all of its players. At award-winning PR firm Durée & Company, we couldn’t be happier to have one of our newest team members recognized in the press. This past week, Executive Vice President Richard Murry was spotlighted in Fort Lauderdale’s Sun-Sentinel where his recent appointment to Durée & Company was announced. Like the candid Richard we know, he was not shy in revealing some of the secrets to his achievements!

Richard’s success as a public relations professional comes from a solid foundation of excellent writing – a skill that is critical in this line of work, he says, despite living in the age of hashtags, abbreviations and slang. A thorough understanding of a client’s message and the ability to effectively communicate that to the media is paramount. What’s changed? Richard states that the delivery methods have evolved over the years. While a considerable amount of the job still entails working with journalists and news outlets, social media now allows us to speak directly to the audience and ultimately control the message. All of this boils down to intelligent research, relevant content and – you guessed it – impeccable writing skills.

Understanding the audience is therefore a crucial component in public relations and Richard considers himself a lifelong practitioner of proactive community relations. In getting out from behind his desk, Richard is always “circulating” in the community where he can share his clients’ stories. This is one of the many reasons Richard is such a valuable team member at Durée & Company and we can’t wait for you to meet him soon!

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