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Five Ways Their “Big Day” Can Build Your Brand – #ThinkPinkPR Strategies for Wedding Season

By April 21, 2015May 23rd, 2018No Comments
think pr strategies for the wedding season

f780eb32f54fea8100b16d6fcb550edeWedding season is just a few weeks away. In Florida, “peak season” begins in May and continues through June, skips over the months of July and August, then picks up again in September and October. If you’re in the wedding business, now is the time to start thinking PR and promotion. Why?

Your calendar is filling up, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to document and publicize what will make you attractive to new clients. Here are five things public relations firm Durée & Company asks our #ThinkPinkPR clients to consider as they gear up for one of the busiest “romance” seasons of the year:

1) Your Signature

The wedding industry is so large and diversified that you need to stand out with a unique selling proposition. What is your special touch? If a writer called to include you in a feature article on wedding trends, could you speak to your signature? Is it an approach, a talent or a level of experience? Whatever it is – whether it’s organic, luxurious, locally sourced, cultural, musical or your own invention – own it and make it turn heads.

2) Your Social Media

Brides and grooms start their search for vendors on the Internet, so your social media presence should be professional, up to date and consistent. Whatever platform you choose, make sure it’s filled with amazing imagery, accurate contact information and glowing testimonials.

606b8ed27268133006a23e54564f3e403) Photography/Imagery

Speaking of imagery, ensure that yours is top-notch. People visualize weddings from the gown to the venue to the food, so photos and videos are a critical part of your PR mix. It’s worth the investment to hire a professional photog and videographer to capture your signature influence on the food, flowers, décor, invitations, location, gifts, music or fashion. You will use these images everywhere.

4) Permission from your clients

Never assume your “best work” will want to be part of your PR plan. Be sure to ask and get in writing official permission to share a bride and groom’s special day. They may consider it an occasion just for family and friends, not a marketing strategy. If they do say “I do” to you using their story, the best media stories should showcase how you solved a wedding challenge. For example, did your creativity avert disaster? Is your wedding signature tied to a hot trend? Did you use new technology to solve an old problem – or old technology to solve a new problem?

5) The Almighty Review

Clients and vendors talk, and good feedback legitimizes you. In this age of online reviews, great marketing can be completely undone by bad personal reviews. Be nice to work with, as well as good at your job. And don’t forget to ask satisfied clients to post great feedback on review sites. If you don’t ask, you don’t receive.

So, if you’re in the biz of helping others tie the knot, allow the public relations specialists at Durée & Company create the buzz you need to attract new clients. Peak wedding season is fast approaching!

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