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Recent Florida Supreme Court Ruling Allows Lawyers to Claim Expertise

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We at Fort Lauderdale-based public relations agency Durée & Company have represented a variety of law firms and lawyers for many years. During those years, we have always been careful to abide by The Florida Supreme Court’s rules that govern potentially misleading advertisements and social media endorsements when publicizing our clients.

However, as of June 27, 2019, that rule has been amended! Prompted by a petition from The Florida Bar, the Florida Supreme Court amended Rule Regulating the Florida Bar (Bar Rule) 4-7.14 (Potentially Misleading Advertisements) to allow lawyers and law firms to claim expertise or specializations in certain areas of law without being board certified. This is as long as they can back it up with relevant “training, education, experience or substantial involvement in the area of practice.” In a law firm’s case, if they advertise expertise in a certain practice area that not all of its attorneys have, the ad or post must include a “reasonably prominent disclaimer” making that apparent.

This amendment is a great gift to us ― we get to tell more of the story about our legal clients, leading to increased awareness about their expertise and exactly what they do. This goes for advertising, social media including LinkedIn, press releases, blogs and much more. For example, LinkedIn has an “endorsements” feature that allows your connections to endorse you for specific skills. Since LinkedIn members can’t control what their connections endorse them for, many lawyers were removing this feature from their profile, as it was potentially causing them to be out of compliance with state ethic rules.

We are glad this long-established debated has ended and a new standard to claim expertise has been established. This will certainly help us tell the bigger picture behind each story!

Are you a law firm or a lawyer looking to tell your story about your expertise or specializations, and much more? See how we generate buzz to help our legal clients get their names, successes, awards, recognitions, and stories out there to garner more business. Contact us at 954.723.9350 or email us at



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