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Getting Insight: Social Media Metrics

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social media metrics

Social media has become a very important communication channel to help grow and sustain a successful business. Fort Lauderdale public relations firm Durée & Company is very familiar with the various social media platforms, as we handle a number of social media campaigns for our clients. While it’s important to keep content coming, it’s important to make sure the right content is being posted. How do you know if you’re posting the right content? The answer lies in social media metrics!

Social media metrics show different stats that indicate engagement, impressions and more. Facebook alone has a great tab on its business pages that allow users to see how the content is performing. How do you find this information on a business page? Click “insights” above your cover photo, and you will be introduced to data for your page including page views, page likes, engagements and more. It’s always good to study this data at least monthly to see what your followers are responding to and what they are not. You can measure this by looking at the reach for individual posts.

Twitter also has its own analytics that can be found here: This will show a 28-day summary of your tweet activity where you can see which tweets had the highest engagement rate and impressions. You can also choose to see your top tweets. This is a good tool that shows you the type of posts your followers like to see.

Instagram has yet to have its own insights, but at Durée & Company, we use Sprout Social to pull reports to see how our clients’ Instagram pages are doing. Sprout allows us to see a detailed report that even shows us which hashtags are getting the most engagement. Hashtags are key, so we definitely love that the reports show this!

When you’re on your LinkedIn business page, you can click on “analytics” at the top of the page for data on your posts. This will show you interactions, clicks on links, reach and more. One of our favorite features of the LinkedIn analytics is the visitor demographics. It’s always interesting to see (and good to know!) the type of person that is viewing your posts.

After reviewing these analytics for the different social media platforms, it’s important to take the time and evaluate what you are going to change for the next month to increase activity. All this data is out there to help you grow your social media channels, so take advantage of these amazing tools that are offered!

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