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It’s so pretty here – working with Frances Herrera

By August 12, 2013May 31st, 2018No Comments
francés herrera president

Frances, President IBF copyIt goes without saying that at Durée & Company, we like pretty things. When we have a say in the matter, everything around us is nicely decorated and sparkly. (Check out our offices. There is sparkle in the bathroom.)

Frances Herrera is a woman after our own hearts. She is an interior designer from New York City, where the spaces are small, so the creativity must be large. Frances has brought her stylish sensibilities to South Florida, became one of our newest clients and is on a mission to make homes, commercial spaces, outdoor spaces and yachts even prettier.


Granted, she probably wouldn’t use words like pretty. In fact, our announcement of her expansion included this description:


“Herrera’s signatures are creating luxurious spaces that are multi-functional, incorporating the use of highly durable elements, and completing projects efficiently without sacrificing quality. Her portfolio extends beyond the residential and personal, also featuring designs of commercial and common-use spaces, such as executive offices, condominium lobbies, club/recreational rooms, theatres and outdoor spaces.”

But when you check out her blog, chock-full of gorgeous imagery and delicious designs that she created – you can’t help but think “Wow! That’s pretty …”

Keep it up, Frances. We love it.