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Juice Mafia Announces New Ownership and Celebrates Grand Re-Opening

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Juice Mafia is proud to announce new ownership and celebrate its grand re-opening with the launch of a new menu. Located in the Atlantic Village Shopping Center in Hallandale Beach, Juice Mafia is now owned by long-time residents and cousins Sandra Einhorn and Gabrielle Champagne.

Leaning in on community, sustainability and nutritious deliciousness, Einhorn and Champagne have curated a brand-new menu for locals and visitors to enjoy. The reimagined menu caters to vegan-friendly, health-conscious consumers and families short on time and looking for high-quality food options.

In addition to cold-pressed juices and acai bowls that the restaurant has been known for since 2018, new menu items include protein and snack balls, cashew pudding, avocado toasts and wraps, overnight oats, vegan desserts and more. As “healthy” options are often perceived as full of fillers, additives and preservatives, Juice Mafia works hard to provide as many products that are organic and free of any additives as possible. It makes its full menu, including juices and nut butters, in-house. Juice Mafia also offers a family wellness delivery service.

With the new ownership, Juice Mafia is now kosher certified under the ORB (Orthodox Rabbinical Board), bringing a heightened level of inclusivity and focus on quality. The restaurant is parve, a Hebrew word that indicates the restaurant has no dairy or meat ingredients, resulting in a full vegan menu. As a result, consumers with dietary restrictions who do not keep kosher for religious reasons may seek out kosher pareve-certified products. Juice Mafia is proud to partner with local kosher, vegan and vegetarian businesses as promoting Jewish culture is another unique aspect of its business model.

Einhorn and Champagne strive to reduce Juice Mafia’s carbon footprint by reducing its single-use plastic consumption wherever possible and incorporating compost and recycle-friendly containers, flatware and napkins. The café also composts its food scraps and happily donates food scraps to Hallandale neighbors for their own compost pile or to feed to their pets.

“By purchasing Juice Mafia my family and I are able to harness so many of the things we value: being eco-friendly, giving back to the community and providing delicious and high-quality food options to families, tourists and locals,” said Einhorn. “When working on the new menu in our test kitchen, we wanted to create items that were different than what one might find at other restaurants and packaged them in a unique way, such as our family wellness delivery service. We want our customers to know that they don’t have to compromise on taste just because they are eating clean and healthy or don’t have the time for a full meal. We take pride in knowing that you can pronounce every ingredient that we have in the café.”

“After 40 years of working in the restaurant industry, I am excited to be working with my family and bring my experience to Juice Mafia,” said Champagne. “I used to bring Sandra here as a kid when this location was a farmer’s market called Big Irv’s. As longtime Hollywood residents, we are excited to have another business in the South Broward area.”

Juice Mafia is open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. By opening doors early, Juice Mafia appeals to the early birds looking to squeeze in a workout before the start of the workday or who want to enjoy a healthy breakfast. Juice Mafia also caters to busy parents by providing child-sized options, healthy snacks and a weekly family delivery service.

For more information about Juice Mafia, please visit

About Juice Mafia: 

Juice Mafia is a fast-casual kosher and vegan restaurant located at 801 N. Federal Hwy #108, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009. Juice Mafia promotes a culture that values quality food and ingredients, sensitivity to the environment and a space to promote like-minded businesses, all with a focus on its Juice Mafia family and community at large. Juice Mafia is kosher-certified Parve by the Orthodox Rabbinical Board.For more information about Juice Mafia, please visit or contact or 954-674-2356. Follow JuiceMafia on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok at @thejuicemafia.

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