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Keeping Up With The [Social] ‘Klimate’

By September 25, 2018No Comments

3 Reasons Why You Should Stay Up To Date With Social Media; As Told By The Kardashians

Today, a variety of social media platforms have become an important part of daily life, suggesting that people are extremely interested in sharing their experiences with the world.  You hear it all the time, Millennials and Generation Z spend too much time obsessing over social media. But here at Fort Lauderdale-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we believe social media is a great way for companies to keep their finger on the pulse of public opinion, increase a company’s customer base and learn about their preferences. This information is then used to create and nourish a successful brand.

Social media and reality sensations, the Kardashians, have proven, over the last decade, that social media can be used to promote any brand. Through applications such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, the Kardashian sisters have built pop culture and business empires, not to mention millions of fans! Below are just a few reasons why you should keep up with the ever-changing social media climate, illustrated by the Kardashians themselves:

  1. Marketing Trends: Social media marketing trends are always changing and new trends emerge. To stay competitive in the busy digital market, you need to change and grow with them. For instance, your audience is now consuming their news in virtual and augmented worlds. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have adopted VR/AR into their algorithms. Like Kourtney Kardashian says – it’s no longer enough to just sayyour brand’s story. Audiences today are expecting unique and creative ways to receive these messages in order to keep them interested. The ever-popular Snapchat has allowed consumers to project their virtual selves into the real world in the form of animated, 3-D Bitmojis. Brands like McDonalds have already taken advantage of this augmented reality social media marketing trend by sponsoring a Bitmoji on Snapchat. In the experience, the user’s Bitmoji projects itself onto the forward surroundings and runs off with their McCafe coffee.
  2. Audience Engagement: Have you ever stumbled across a subtweet (a post referring to something you did) or a tagged photo of yourself on a friend’s page? Staying up to date on social media may result in staying up to date on your own business. These platforms have given you direct access to your audience and the ability to receive messages regarding your brand from the sources themselves. Monitoring your business’ social media platforms daily can be extremely important in keeping up with who is wearing your clothes, dining in your restaurant, attending your events, etc. If a Twitter user tags your restaurant in a negative review, you’ll see it and can respond accordingly. When a celebrity wears your new line of jewelry, you’ll be aware and can take advantage of that partnership. When you have a good grasp on your audience and you market to your audience’s opinions toward your products/services appropriately, your brand will flourish.
  3. Trending Topics: A trending topic is a subject that experiences a surge in popularity on one or more social media platforms for a limited duration of time. Businesses can use these trending topics to find out what their audience is interested in at that moment, then capitalize on the current conversation. A successful business must always remain relevant, current and according to Kim Kardashian – chic. Fueled by hashtags, re-tweets, and likes, trending topics explode across social media sites in a matter of minutes, becoming the ‘hot topic’ of the moment. A simple hashtag affords marketers an irresistible opportunity to be heard by thousands, even millions, of people without spending the large amount of time and money typically needed for a conventional campaign.


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