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5 Steps Every Business Should Follow Before Launching a Brand

By June 4, 2024No Comments

Before a business owner shares the launch of a company—or product—with the world, the brand needs to ensure it has done its due diligence to bring the business to market.

One of the most important components? Brand consistency. It could give the business a leg up on sales. One research report showed that nearly 70 percent of companies attributed brand consistency to revenue growth of 10 to 20 percent. That’s a nice chunk of change to add to the bottom line just by ensuring the messaging, logos, colors, fonts, and copy are consistent. At Fort Lauderdale and Aspen-based public relations agency Durée & Company, we offer a business checklist to help company owners plan out essential elements when building a brand from scratch and bringing it to market.

  1. Establish written branding goals

Decisionmakers at the company need to develop and agree to brand positioning and messaging. This is where a business can hire an outside agency with a deep knowledge of branding to lend a hand.

Part of this step includes developing a brand identity that aligns with the brand’s mission, core values, pillars, and message. A potential customer should be able to understand what the company is all about and what the brand stands for by looking at the website, social media pages, logo and any other visual elements.

Once the founders and business leaders are keyed into the messaging and mission, creating the visual business elements comes next.

  1. Work on brand development and creating materials

When a company launches its brand, all of the elements—from letterhead to email signatures, business cards to brochures, and social media profiles to website pages—need to be consistent and thoughtfully selected. The colors—like green—might show that a company is focused on environmental topics. The typography can showcase whether a brand gives off a “luxury” vibe, or wants to be known as energetic and fun. Think of Coca-Cola’s script font that elicits feelings of warmth and timeless elegance.

A branding professional can help the company decide if the brand is professional, fun, innovative, or warm. That branding team will work with the company to ensure its ethos is being carried out in all aspects of the brand.

Lululemon is a good example of brand consistency in terms of logos and signature messaging. The apparel company, Bombas was originally known for its socks and made it clear that for every pair of socks purchased, the company would donate to homelessness-focused organizations. Customers who are interested in purchasing from companies that give back might be more likely to buy from the brand when a strong mission statement clearly shows this.

Coming up with a brand identity isn’t done overnight. This process takes time and it’s helpful to know how audiences respond to different brands. That’s why it pays to hire a professional who knows branding inside and out.

If creating all of these components feels overwhelming, business owners can rest easy knowing that there are full-service agencies, like Durée & Company, that can handle brand development from “soup to nuts.” That includes logo options, color palettes, typography, marketing material creations and much more. At D&Co, we make sure all of the crucial business elements are checked off so the client can “press play” on their launch without a hitch.

  1. Introduce website development

A company should have a user-friendly, professional-looking, informative and visually appealing website. If a customer or potential client doesn’t think a website design is up to par, they might be uncertain about the company’s ability to deliver a high-quality service or product.

A full-service public relations agency like Durée & Company can facilitate connections with reputable, vetted website vendors so the business owner has established options to choose from.

The third-party consultant can help the business owner choose the optimal website package from the developer that’s tailored to that client’s launch and ongoing maintenance needs.

At Durée & Company, we offer liaison services for the seamless integration of branding and copywritten materials into the website design. We work with the website developers to ensure brand logos, colors, fonts, messaging, and copy are consistent throughout the site. We make sure you have all the tools handy and perfectly packaged for a successful website rollout.

  1. Develop content and copy for the brand

It’s imperative that a business creates compelling and consistent messaging that conveys its brand’s identity and mission. This marketing can be created with the help of a full-service agency.

In terms of the website, some of the pages that need copy and content for a brand launch include the “About Us” section, home page landing copy, and possibly the “News Section,” “Contact Us,” “Services Offered,” “FAQs,” or “Testimonials.”

If a brand wants to capture email addresses, they’ll need to establish a newsletter signup landing page, welcome emails, automation and ongoing content for those newsletters. Social media posts also need to incorporate the right messaging, as well as any press and marketing materials.

Hiring an agency to execute all of the company’s content creation and copywriting needs can be a huge burden off of the executive team members’ shoulders. This third-party team can also facilitate content development which might include a content strategy, content calendar, and creation of blogs.

  1. Decide on a launch strategy

While the website developer is building the site and inputting all of the content deliverables, the business owner(s) should utilize this time to come up with a launch plan. It needs to be more exciting than hitting “publish” on the site and announcing it on social media.

Work with a pro team that has established relationships with media, influencers, content creators, and bloggers in this industry. A public relations team will ensure the brand’s story is told and disseminated the way the client wants it to be. A great PR team will make sure the launch is executed in a way that gets noticed, drives traffic and increases brand awareness.

At Durée & Company, we help clients establish their brand identity, create promotional materials, develop content and handle the company’s messaging surrounding a launch. Partnering makes it effortless to hand everything off seamlessly to a web developer and integrate with all of your departments for an effortless, successful launch. Ready to roll out a successful brand? Contact us today and we will help you with every step of the way.


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