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Lifting All Boats

By June 25, 2013May 31st, 2018No Comments
rising tide carwash

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Phrases like “win-win” tend to become a little stale once everyone starts saying it.

Lately, I’ve wanted to use “lifts all boats,” instead of “win-win” because I like being original, and because my client, Rising Tide Car Wash, is so darn inspiring.

“A rising tide lifts all boats,” as does Rising Tide Car Wash’s business model of providing gainful employment opportunities to more than 30 individuals with autism, while putting clean, shiny cars on the road. Not only is Rising Tide one of the largest employers of people with autism in the U.S., but it’s among the first consumer brands in the nation focused on empowering young adults with autism.

Its unique approach to employing people with autism via a specially-designed methodology for car washing has caught the interest of more than a few media outlets, including New Times Broward Palm Beach, which selected Rising Tide as the Best Car Wash in its 2013 “Best Of 2013 Award” edition.

This isn’t any old car wash. It’s a car wash that helps people help themselves. It’s a car wash that peeks into the future of special needs employment. It’s a car wash you can look and feel good about. It “lifts all boats.”

Don’t worry. “Lifts all boats” will catch on.