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Master Social Media with Any Budget

By May 8, 2018May 31st, 2018No Comments

Last week Durée & Company CEO Durée Ross participated in a panel at the 2018 Broward and Beyond Business Conference hosted by the Broward County’s Office of Economic & Small Business Development about social media. She shared tips on keeping up with the latest trends, allocating an effective budget, the best content to share and so much more. Many of the questions posed are things that all businesses – big or small – struggle to answer. D&Co is here to provide some answers!

A limited budget:

With a limited budget, drilling down to your main goals and preferred outcomes becomes even more important. Decide who your main audience is and target them first. Be highly specific in your outreach so that every dollar counts. Social media is becoming an increasingly ‘pay-to-play’ space, and strategic spending, even with a small budget, can exponentially increase the reach of your message.


Focus on delivering quality, value, consistency and authenticity to your audience. Every post should tie in to the story you are trying to tell and be a compelling piece of your social media plan. Always use images you own the rights to and make it a point to expand video use on all of your channels. Don’t be scared of video! Viewers look for authenticity and a video from your smartphone will get just as many (if not more) views than one created in a professional studio.

Growing your social presence:

Your social presence can grow with your brand. Just like you wouldn’t open ten stores at once, start with one or two social accounts. This will keep you from overextending and give you time to learn what your audience responds to on a smaller scale. Once you feel confident on one or two channels, expanding won’t seem overwhelming but just another way to reach a larger audience.

Trends and tools:

Digital and social media are almost interchangeable terms these days. While websites are still incredibly important to any business, social media is a place where your audience can not only learn about your brand – but also engage with it. The right tools can help you capitalize on this by monitoring activity and allowing you to measure outcomes. This data allows you to see what works and what doesn’t and should be a huge driver in creating and refining your social media strategy.

What are your top tips for social media? Share them with us!

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