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Mastering Crisis Communication: Durée & Company’s Flexible and Responsive PR Strategies

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In today’s unpredictable world, crises can strike at any moment, and the way an organization responds can make or break its reputation. At Durée & Company, we understand that no two crisis situations are the same. We believe in a flexible and intuitive approach to crisis communication, tailored specifically to the needs of each client. Our experienced public relations team knows how to keep a cool head, develop a clear vision, and execute quickly when the storm hits.

At Durée & Company – a Fort Lauderdale- and Aspen-based public relations and marketing agency, our decades of expertise in public relations allows us to effectively navigate the challenging landscape of crisis communication and protect our clients’ reputations with strategic messaging and thoughtful engagement.

Utilizing Flexibility, Responsiveness, and Best Practices:

In the face of a crisis, having a predefined crisis management plan is crucial. Blindly following a generic template won’t suffice. Companies should have a working outline of what to do in a crisis, including assembling the right crisis management team. This outline serves as a foundation that can be customized to address the unique aspects of each crisis. The plan should include possible solutions, best practices, templates to help guide responses and timelines of what communication channels should be utilized and when. This is met with flexibility and intuition on the team’s behalf, knowing that a crisis situation and its severity, is dependent on many favors.

Crafting a Tailored Plan for Every Crisis:

Crisis situations can range from product recalls and poor reviews to pending litigation and brand-damaging charges. When these situations arise, Durée & Company brings a comprehensive range of services into play, including public relations, community affairs, social media management, and strategic planning. Our goal is to design a plan of action that directly addresses the specific crisis at hand. By understanding the nuances of each situation, we can develop strategies to mitigate damage, protect reputation, and ensure effective communication throughout the crisis.

Don’t Wish Away Bad News, Be Prepared:

Wishing bad news away is not an effective strategy. Leaders need to be proactive and prepared for crises. Assembling a crisis management team that excels in high-pressure situations, possesses the ability to remain calm, and can develop a clear vision is crucial. Durée & Company has extensive experience in crisis management, and our team can be the steady hand in any storm. We counsel our clients and help them understand the importance of being prepared and taking swift action when faced with uncertainty. 

Case Study: Durée & Company’s Work with Sea Tow Services:

A shining example of our crisis management expertise is our collaboration with Sea Tow International during Hurricane Ian. Recognizing the critical need for effective crisis communication, we developed a comprehensive communication plan to keep those affected by the hurricane informed of crucial safety information. By enabling Sea Tow to respond swiftly to safety and salvage issues brought on by the hurricane, we played a vital role in minimizing the impact on the affected community. Our efforts were acknowledged at the 2022 Neptune Awards, where we received an Honorable Mention in the Public Relations Campaign category. This case exemplifies the significance of crisis management and clear communication during times of uncertainty.

No two crisis situations are ever the same. That being said, even the best crisis management plan requires a public relations team that knows how to be flexible, responsive, and use the right tools available. In an ever-changing world, crisis management is a critical aspect of protecting an organization’s reputation and ensuring its long-term success. By developing tailored crisis communication strategies and assembling a skilled crisis management team, we can guide organizations through even the most challenging events. Don’t wait for a crisis to strike—contact Durée & Company today and let us be your partner in navigating the uncertain waters of crisis communication before a crisis happens.


About Durée & Company 

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