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Mastering the fine art of self-promotion

By July 1, 2013May 31st, 2018No Comments
its all about me

its-all-about-meThis summer, I won my second American Business Award in two years. I was featured in South Florida Business Journal‘s “40 Under 40.” I was asked to participate in various fundraisers and high-profile award ceremonies. I sat on panels, presented seminars and opened new offices.

How much of this is worth talking about? And when I do talk about it, how much of it is bragging or sharing?

PR Tip #1: No amount of self-promotion is too much.

I’ve been in PR for all of my professional life, so I, of all people, know the value of a good placement. Yet, when it came time to toot my own horn repeatedly, I hesitated. My husband, who is so not in PR, gave me solid advice: Go for it.

People are bombarded with information, and you never know when they are tuned in or tuned out, so you must talk to them all the time about why you are the best person for the job. Just like when you are not paying attention to the car ads until your own car is making sounds, your message may not resonate until they need you and your service. And who knows when that may be?

Every award, presentation, seminar, panel, recognition or honor is a third-party endorsement that you are good at what you do. It may be that one blog post, Facebook link, newspaper article or Instagram picture that captures a client’s attention, just when they are looking for what you have to offer.

It’s not bragging or boasting; it’s sharing and communicating. Readjust your lens. I had to, and I’ve found out that my vision is far-reaching.