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MLE Law ― a Full-Service Labor & Employment/Business Law Firm ― Launching in Fort Lauderdale

The new MLE Law, a full-service labor and employment/business law firm founded by 17-year litigation attorney Michael Elkins, Esq., is modernizing the current broken legal business model. Now launching in Fort Lauderdale, the firm is breaking the barriers of today’s traditional law profession which involves excessive billable hours, traditional brick and mortar office space, over-staffing, inflated overhead and exorbitant hourly rates. MLE Law uses modern technology and shared co-workspace to bring transparent and efficient legal services to clients.

Elkins, who has spent the majority of his career working in large to mid-size Florida law firms, focuses on labor and employment law. Utilizing an alternative fee structure which does not charge for phoning, emailing or texting clients, MLE Law allows for modern, efficient and global representation while only charging clients for actual legal work produced. Plus, MLE Law removes the layers that are associated with traditional firms. Decisions are made without bureaucracy, and therefore, clients receive advice, work product and results more efficiently.

“This is not your mother’s or father’s law firm,” said Elkins. “In today’s world, there is no need for exorbitant fees, excessive overhead, or charges for every time there is communication. Technology has changed the way most industries work ― except for the legal profession. Until now. At MLE Law, all of the ‘fluff’ associated with traditional law firms is erased, resulting in legal services the way they should be ― no nonsense.”

MLE Law assists clients with their day-to-day legal needs, administrative claims, matters pending in courts at any level, and employer/employee specific issues. The firm focuses on:

  • Business/Municipality Labor and Employment
    • Practice before Florida’s state and federal courts
    • Conduct labor arbitrations; review, draft and advise for employment documents; provide practical day-to-day advice
  • Individual Labor and Employment
    • Review severance agreements and any other employment-related contracts
    • Address issues concerning proper wage payments.
    • Discuss termination, help navigate dealing with a difficult employer
  • Business Disputes
    • Handle contract disputes, corporate disputes, real estate matters, transactional disputes
  • General Counsel
    • Provide daily corporate advice, preparation and review of corporate documents, creation of corporate entities, merger and acquisition representation

To find out more about the groundbreaking MLE Law, visit or call (954) 401-2608.

About MLE Law

MLE Law is a full-service labor and employment law firm that uses modern technology to give businesses, individuals and municipalities a legal experience that is efficient, transparent and price-predictable. It is located at 633 S. Andrews Ave. Suite 500, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. For more information, visit or call (954) 401-2608.

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