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On the Airwaves – My Love of PR

By December 11, 2013May 31st, 2018No Comments
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People shouldn’t discount radio. It still carries a lot of weight, especially in big drive-time markets like South Florida, where most of us are in our cars for long drives, seeking content we can hear versus read.

I was recently invited to do a little PR for myself on a radio show, Women in PR Blog Talk Radio during a chat with Anje Collins of Women In PR.  She asked me to talk about my start and the future of my profession. So I thought, if I were listening to myself on-air, I would want to know what inspires a person, to do what they do, where they find their daily motivation, and what do they see themselves doing five or 10 years from now. Would their job be fundamentally different or would just the tools of the trade change? Duree

Here’s what I shared: I fell in love with media relations at a young age (19) during a pivotal internship. The gratification of hearing, seeing and reading my work promoting a client’s product or organization was heady stuff. I knew I wanted to do this as a career from that point on, and I’ve never changed my mind.

On a daily basis, my clients motivate me. They come to me with challenges, and together, we create solutions. No client is the same as another, and no challenge feels like the last.

And finally, looking forward, the future of PR will remain as it always has been –based on strong relationships. Whether we are communicating through a blog or a magazine article, on TV or through a Web campaign, readers want to feel like you understand their issues and care about their worlds.

PR is also evolving into an efficient machine, where clients want to come to one person and ask them to do it all. Thanks to technology and those always-important relationships, my team is both physical and virtual, so we can mix and match our talents to best meet the clients’ needs.

Thanks to Women in PR for inviting me on their show. It was a blast! I hope my audio content makes someone’s drive time fly by! Here it is (I start after the 12-minute mark):

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