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Paybotic, a Leading Provider of Affordable Payment Solutions in the Cannabis industry and Surrounding Markets, Launches Paybotic Women in Finance & Technology Scholarship

Paybotic, a leading provider of affordable payment solutions in the cannabis industry and surrounding markets, is pleased to offer its Paybotic Women in Finance & Technology Scholarship for those pursuing a higher education. Paybotic will award three $2,500 scholarships; winners will be selected in June 2022.

Applications for the Paybotic Women in Finance & Technology Scholarship are now open at

“It is a great honor to launch the Paybotic Women in Finance & Technology Scholarship as part of Paybotic’s ‘Women in Cannabis’ project,” said Paybotic CEO and Founder Eveline Dang, a female leader in the cannabis and fintech space. “Through the scholarship, I hope to provide others with inspiration to achieve and exceed their goals, and to become successful in the finance and technology fields.”

An industry visionary at just 29 years old, Dang is a native of Vietnam and transcended cultural and language barriers to graduate from college with honors. She co-founded Paybotic in 2013 alongside Paybotic President Max Miller.

As the cannabis industry boom continues, and as legalization of cannabis arrives in more states, retailers for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores require payment solutions that allow their businesses to respond to today’s demands.

Under Dang’s direction, Paybotic is at the forefront of efforts to create a financial services ecosystem for cannabis businesses ― one that pairs traditional banking services with technology-rich financial and payments products to deliver banking-like experiences. She inspires and leads a team of developers, sales representatives and support staff to empower businesses in the nascent and highly-regulated cannabis market.

From Dang’s vision, Paybotic offers cannabis businesses access to an array of financial services ― payment acceptance, business banking accounts, payroll, cash management tools, access to capital, business insurance, etc. ― that most financial institutions cannot or will not provide.

She has a relentless desire to study the industry in-depth to be able to introduce the best payment solutions and systems to not just developing countries around the world, but also U.S. industry verticals that have limited access to banking/financial services.

About Paybotic
Paybotic is a leading provider of reliable and affordable payment solutions in the cannabis industry and surrounding markets where it has established long-lasting relationships with its customers. The company is committed to meeting its customers’ evolving needs through partnerships with top financial services and payment technology platforms. Paybotic works to elevate the industry by serving as a trusted resource dedicated to the betterment of the cannabis community as a whole. Paybotic is located at 120 South Dixie Highway, Unit 201, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401. For more information, visit or call (844) 471-2078. Engage with Paybotic on Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram. Paybotic can also be reached at


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