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What do people recognize your brand for?

By September 16, 2013May 31st, 2018No Comments
rising tide car wash

“There have been some great businesses out there that do employ people with autism. But there has yet to be a brand that consumers can recognize that is about autism empowerment. That’s what we want to be,” said Tom D’Eri, co-founder of Rising Tide Car Wash.

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You just have to love it when your (our) client is on-air, on the top-rated NewsChannel 5 (Car Wash Mainly Hires Adults With Autism – Opening Doors in New Ways) in Palm Beach County, and says those words. Rising Tide Car Wash knows exactly what it wants people to recognize its brand for – not just for great service and clean cars, but for empowering those with autism. We have other clients who can give you their elevator speech in about 10 seconds flat, just like Tom.


Raymond Lee Jewelers wants to sell high-quality jewelry and timepieces, and to serve its community while doing it. To do that, it has signed on again to become the exclusive jewelry sponsor for the Hope Bash Boca, “Jeans & Jewels,” gala on Nov. 8 at Boca Raton Resort & Club. Proceeds from its event-related jewelry sales will help build a new Boca Raton campus for foster children at Place of Hope at the Haven.

They make our job so easy – clients who know what they want to be and how they want to be perceived.

So what’s our brand recognizable for? “Durée & Company helps other brands get recognized in the right way and for the right things.” Your turn: What is your brand known for? And how are you getting it there?