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PR, Marketing and Advertising: The Dynamics are Changing Again

By January 22, 2015May 23rd, 2018No Comments
public relations bill gates

pr bill gatesAs the social media landscape changes how we do our jobs, the team at Durée & Company, a public relations firm in Florida, is always on the lookout for information that helps our clients distinguish between PR, marketing and advertising.

This article in PR News is a helpful primer on the distinctions between launching a PR campaign and holding a sales meeting. With PR, we at Durée & Company believe the communication is more personal, genuine and heartfelt; whereas with marketing, the tone is a bit more direct, deal-oriented and numbers-driven.

One of the reasons we love PR is because it helps consumers form opinions of our clients in conversational ways via news articles, social media and events. As the lines between the industries continue to blur, PR professionals are discussing how to better position their contributions to companies and clients.

Here, The New York Times dives into how leading PR agencies are taking a more energetic stance on showcasing PR’s capabilities in this new digital age.

Today, it can become increasingly challenging to draw finite lines between marketing, PR and advertising, but they are there. The power of PR lies in its ability to form relationships with the public – hence the name. We believe that this will keep PR relevant no matter how technology evolves.

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