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Psychedelics Expert Dustin Robinson to Present “Meet The CEOs” During Monthly Psychedelic Panel at Soho Beach House Miami on Aug. 10

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On Tuesday, August 10 at 7 p.m., Dustin Robinson, Esq. CPA, will present “Meet The CEOs” featuring special guests Psilera Bioscience CEO Chris Witowski, PhD and Silo Wellness CEO Douglas K. Gordon, as the second installment of Robinson’s new monthly psychedelic panel at Soho Beach House Miami.

The private monthly panel takes place at Soho Beach House Miami on the second Tuesday of every month. Moderated by Robinson, each panel will feature experts in the psychedelics space from CEOs, doctors, lawyers and celebrities. Robinson kicked off the first event of the series in July with NBA Champion Lamar Odom and “psychedelic concierge to the stars” Michael ‘Zappy’ Zapolin.

Robinson is Founding Partner of Mr. Cannabis Law – a full service law firm focused on the cannabis and psychedelic industries; Co-Founder of Mr. Psychedelic Law – a non-profit focused on psychedelic legal reform; and Managing Principal of Iter Investments – a venture capital firm deploying capital across the psychedelic ecosystem.

Dr. Witowski co-founded Psilera Bioscience to use psychoactive natural products as building blocks to treat serious mental health afflictions. Psilera will accomplish this using innovative, patient-friendly delivery technologies with N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and a next-generation virtual screening platform to identify new compounds with modified psychedelic and therapeutic effects. Prior to Psilera, he was a co-inventor on numerous patents for the discovery of various anti-infective natural products and multiple drug delivery systems for increasing the bioavailability of cannabinoids and terpenes. He has helped design and build facilities and labs around the country and launched an international product line with annual revenues in excess of $100 million. Dr. Witowski is personally motivated to improve the lives of patients and has witnessed the devastation of Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and dispassionate end-of-life cancer treatments.

Gordon is the CEO of Silo Wellness, a multinational, publicly-held company with global HQ in Toronto, Canada and operations in both Jamaica and Oregon. Silo’s mission is to support in the reduction of trauma and increased performance through psychedelic, time tested natural medicines. From inception, Silo’s focus has been to serve clients searching for more mindful and expansive lives. Psychedelics offer a pathway to that sort of enriched experience, and the company is actively exploring remedies that can be widely, economically and safely distributed to patients. Silo Wellness has launched its first global functional and psychedelic mushroom brand, Marley One, through a multi-year licensing agreement with the family of global reggae icon Bob Marley.


Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2021; 7 p.m. EST


Soho Beach House Miami

4385 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140


The event is private and is only open to Soho Beach House members.


About Mr. Cannabis Law:

Mr. Cannabis Law is a full-service law firm focusing on the unique and highly regulated cannabis and psychedelic industries, from startups to established businesses. The firm stays abreast of all current legal developments and anticipates upcoming legal developments in the cannabis and psychedelic industries. It advises and consults in myriad areas of the industries, including licensing and registration, supply chain management, regulatory and tax compliance, real estate transactions, corporate formation and management structure, business litigation, business transactions, banking, accounting systems and reporting, quality control systems and reporting, research & development systems and reporting, inventory tracking and software implementation, manufacturing systems integration, and employment matters. The firm is located at 1000 SE 2nd St., Unit 6, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. For more information about Mr. Cannabis Law, visit, call 786-526-1155, or email

About Iter Investments:

Iter Investments is an investment firm that deploys capital in and around the burgeoning psychedelic industry. Iter Investments invests with the mission of re-imagining how the mental health and wellness industry delivers care. For more information, visit or email

About Mr. Psychedelic Law:

Mr. Psychedelic Law is a 501(c)(4) focused on using medical and spiritual research to drive responsible legal reform in Florida for psilocybin mushrooms and other entheogens. Mr. Psychedelic Law envisions a responsible legal framework that allows people to reach a higher level of consciousness through psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelics while also accounting for the potential negative effects of taking these compounds under the wrong set and setting. For more information, visit

About Psilera:

Psilera Inc. is a psychedelic-based biotechnology company developing its proprietary neuromodulator pipeline to target central nervous system disorders. Psilera leverages research strengths with executives from the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries to repurpose psychoactive natural products like DMT as building blocks for next generation therapies to improve mental health in the areas of mood, cognitive, and substance use disorders.

About Silo Wellness:
Silo Wellness is a growth-oriented holding company focused on functional mushroom and psychedelic opportunities that benefit from a unified ecosystem and exceptional leadership. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Toronto, Silo Wellness has operations in Jamaica and Oregon. Silo Wellness is a publicly traded company on the Canadian (CSE: SILO) and Frankfurt (FRA: CK70) exchanges and trading on the OTC market (OTC: SILFF). Silo Wellness offers a diverse and growing portfolio of functional mushroom products, psychedelic wellness retreats in Jamaica and Oregon, cultivation of psychedelic mushrooms and truffles in Jamaica, development of a brick-and-mortar smart shop in Jamaica, and intellectual property, focused initially on the commercialization of its metered-dosing psilocybin nasal spray. For more information about Silo Wellness, please visit


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